Do Youtubers buy views?

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Do Youtubers Buy Views?

As the second largest search engine in the world, Youtube is an effective means of communication. Today, more than 4 billion people are registered on Youtube and have a channel.

It is increasingly difficult for Youtubers to stand out and maintain a constant number of views . For this reason, more and more of them are looking for ways to guarantee a minimum number of views . In recent years, several controversies have revolved around famous Youtubers as to the fact that they have bought views in order to generate their counter artificially. Our question of the day is therefore: do Youtubers buy views on Youtube?

In recent years, several controversies have revolved around famous Youtubers as to the fact that they have bought views in order to generate their counter artificially. Our question of the day is therefore: do Youtubers buy views on YouTube?

Saad Lamjarred and his music video "Salam"

Saad Lamjarred is a Moroccan songwriter, singer and actor. His success is due to his presence in the show Superstar in 2017. Since then, he has chained albums with Wala 3alik, Leila Wa Sahra and others.

This famous singer has however been the subject of several questions following the publication of his latest clip “Salam”.

Indeed, the first five days of the publication of his clip, Saad Lamjarred obtained a total of 18 million views. However, this figure stagnated abnormally and only obtained a slight increase in views to one and a half million.

The curiosity of Internet users has therefore been titillated. Indeed, this last clip has been considered the best piece of the artist since the beginning of his career. Yet, it had only a slow, if not a weak evolution of view five days after its publication.

Saad Lamjarred Youtube views

Moreover, Saad Lamjarred's debut clip got more than 500 million views while it was rated as less good than this latest clip.

All these questions have led the Moroccan singer to be accused by other artists, notably Telmoudi, of cheating.

Since this story, the Youtube team has been following the singer's activities with a very good eye.

Rapper Badshah and his record

Badshah is an Indian rapper known since 2006 when he was part of the group Mafia Murderer.

In 2019, Badshah broke the single-day view record. In 24 hours, it obtained nearly 75 million views thus dethroning BTS, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. However, Youtube had preconceptions about this number considered "too big" for the rapper. This claim was based on the latter's old videos which had not reached as many views. An investigation was therefore carried out by the Youtube team.

However, this investigation revealed that Badshah did not buy any likes. Indeed, he and his record label have opted for a completely different strategy: buying Youtube ads. In fact, her music video appeared as ads between the videos.

Badshah then defended himself and said that Taylor Swift had already done the same thing, without being penalized. This story made Youtube decide to revise its view counting system.

Distorted figures that outrage other artists

There are more and more sites offering to buy views have emerged in recent years. The latter aroused indignation among French artists, notably Maitre Gims and Lartiste.

Maitre Gims recently posted on his Snapchat account denouncing other artists, especially rappers, who cheat on the number of views . He wrote: “Apparently there are artists cheating on album and single sales on streaming platforms. I didn't know… The villains! »

Stream Purchase

The artist also participated in the movement and set up the #YoutubeChallenge. This challenge concerns all artists who have obtained one million views. He offers them to display the origin of these, insisting on the fact that if the majority comes from Asian countries, there would be a great risk that these are views purchased on sites.

However, many are rushing to this solution, Why?

It may sound amazing, but buying views is the best decision for growing a YouTube channel. It is a must for all YouTube channel owners who want to get into the world of video streaming not just for artists.

In order to differentiate yourself and start attracting viewers in a technical way, just buying YouTube views will increase your visibility considerably. Yes, Youtubers buy views.

YouTube is one of the most visited sites in the world. This is why Youtubers use sites specializing in buying views to increase their notoriety. YouTube is a trending tool to build community and spread your music, product, etc.

The potential for virality on YouTube is immense. There are many Youtubers who have made it on YouTube, such as cooks, influencers, etc. However, it is not always easy to start. Buying YouTube views can go a long way to speeding up your YouTube channel growth.

Youtubers buy views because it's perfectly legal. Apparently, no law prohibits it. The YouTube view counts you will receive are real views. So there is no risk for your YouTube channel. This is perfectly secure depending on the site where you placed orders.

Why Should Youtubers Buy YouTube Views?

Before watching a video on YouTube, the viewer does not need to do much to judge the quality of the video. Sure, there are titles, thumbnails, and descriptions, but that doesn't tell the whole story.

When trying to determine the quality of the video, the number of views is usually an important factor for the audience. Since the title and thumbnail only provide an overview of the content, they won't tell you how they compare to similar content. As a result, YouTube video creators have turned to paid viewing to market their videos.

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