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Social networks are essential now to communicate and to gain notoriety with the public. With new mobile technologies and the evolution of the Internet, these platforms are becoming even more essential for a brand that wants to assert itself in the world. Instagram presents itself as an obvious alternative in this direction. But how do you spread your message properly on this platform? What are the types of content that should be favored for this?

Instagram Videos

Instagram is the second most popular social network in the world today. With millions of users to its credit, this platform is undoubtedly the best way to promote your business quickly. Indeed, it allows you to communicate differently and maintain a privileged relationship with your audience. To do this, you just have to bet on good visuals. Instagram photos and videos are driving more engagement and conversions with prospects than traditional content right now. Nearly 73% of Internet users are concerned by this exceptional purchasing process. However, the animated format, more precisely the video, remains much more effective in making the public interact. In this perspective, it is then necessary to find an excellent way to optimize your publications. You need to increase Instagram views on your account in some way to hopefully generate maximum engagement.

I - The best formats to use on Instagram

Although there are several alternatives at your disposal to spread your message, you must still follow a few criteria to achieve your goals. On this platform, it is better to opt for mp4 for your videos . The file must be encoded correctly at the H.264 codec in this way. It must also have a streaming rate of 3500 kbps with AAC audio . To ensure quality, it should also be set to a frame rate of 30 fps . As for the size of the visual, it must be less than 1080 pixels wide and must not exceed a volume of 4 GB .

Once these technical characteristics are met, you can choose between five types of formats for your publications.

  • The Feed format: this is simply the videos from your account's news feed. This flow can be vertical, square or horizontal depending on your needs. You can buy Instagram views on these kinds of posts. Its particularity lies in its automatic launch which allows to focus the audience's attention for a certain time.
  • The story : less elaborate than the type of format mentioned above, you can bet on this alternative to show more authenticity to your audience. The length of the file usually does not exceed 15 seconds and is only done in vertical format. On the other hand, the Instagram story format is an ephemeral publication that is limited to only 24 hours of existence.
  • Instagram live : this option allows you to broadcast live videos to your subscribers. It has the same principles as the story. It therefore remains quite raw and spontaneous, but can nevertheless generate maximum engagement. It is often used to mark an internal or external event of a brand. It is an effective way to create links with the public.
  • IGTV Video: This is a recent Instagram feature that allows you to post and view long-form videos on the platform. A publication in this format can take up to 60 minutes for large accounts. This is a great way to deliver more detailed and animated messages to meet the needs of Internet users.
  • Les Réels : this format is similar to that of TikTok. It is a feature that promotes creativity and allows you to relay many challenges, tutorials and other types of popular videos.

II - Tips for optimizing your videos on Instagram

instagram video format

Doing an Instagram view purchase can be useful for generating interactions quickly. However, this requires an investment and generally only offers a fairly one-time commitment. To remedy this problem, you should instead focus on improving your file before posting it.

  • Sound : audio plays an important role in the relevance of a publication. You must therefore choose suitable music to animate your Instagram video . As for recordings, it is better to bet on quality equipment to avoid problems.
  • Light : to ensure the rendering of your file, you must shoot in a suitable location. This criterion is essential for Lives and shots without editing.
  • The framework : even if it is a social network, it is advisable to choose its framework well to attract the attention of Internet users. This parameter must always correspond to the planned theme.
  • The storyboard : this is also a very important element to take into account when it comes to Instagram video . This allows you to stay on topic and facilitate your various shots.

III - The best video content ideas on Instagram

You should know that each brand has its own specificities that distinguish it from the competition. She can thus exploit them perfectly to attract the attention of people on this social network. Indeed, not every business can always buy Instagram views . To help you find other alternatives, here is a small list of publications that have proven themselves without resorting to the paid technique.

  • A teaser or a small trailer : this format is very practical to ensure a product launch and to arouse the interest of the public easily.
  • A tutorial : this is a video that guides your customers or explains a well-defined action. It's an effective way to advertise differently.
  • An unboxing or a product review : this option is essential to ensure your audience on one of your articles. This format makes it possible to relay recommendations and consumer opinions. The help of an influencer is often recommended in this way.
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) : this is a very important element for customer relations. Setting up question-and-answer sessions helps generate traffic and maintain your connection with your audience.
  • A brand publication : this visual allows you to highlight your values, your name and your company to the world. This approach technique allows you to gain notoriety quickly.
  • Commercial offers : to improve your sales, the establishment of this purchasing system can do the trick. Very effective, this method allows you to develop traffic on your account, but also in your physical or virtual stores.
  • Contests : just like commercial offers, this technique also makes it possible to win commitments quickly.

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