The Top 5 Topics to Cover on YouTube

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You've decided to start a channel, but maybe you're hesitant to pick the right topic or idea . You have the right to feel that way, because not all channels are successful. Choosing the wrong idea from the start can backfire. Likewise, a badly presented good idea can harm the whole project. So, to help you choose the right YouTube channel concept , we decided to reveal the top 5 topics that work on YouTube. 

The Top 5 Topics to Cover on YouTube

Photography and videography 

Not everyone is endowed with an aesthetic sense. Only some have the talent to see and capture things in an artistic way. Or to make a radio station sound like an alternate universe. 

If you are one of those with such artistic sense, you can start a photography or videography channel, it depends on your area of ​​expertise and how comfortable you are. You can talk about everything related to these two niches, from the basics to the techniques to follow to film. You can even review gadgets and items that may come in handy while filming, give your viewers editing ideas, tips, and more.

Watching videos on youtube is now within everyone's reach. But consumers don't rush to every youtube video. Good quality video files are highly valued. 

Photography — Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon is a photographer who has 5.04 million subscribers and 383 million views on his channel. He is best known for his photography and cinematography tutorials, where he talks about different types of photography like texture photography, underwater photography, etc.

He also reviews different types of cameras, their lenses, and other gadgets that are useful to him. And wait, it doesn't stop there. It also teaches how to edit photos and gives tips on using Photoshop and Lightroom. In summary, this guy is a one-stop-shop for photography. You can choose it as inspiration and learn how to start and grow your channel. 

Video - Parker Walbeck 

Parker Walbeck is a videographer who runs an online film school called Full Time FilmMaker. His channel has 1.18 million subscribers and 59 million views. Like Peter McKinnon, Parker covers all things videography on his channel, from A to Z. While Peter talks about both photography and videography, Parker sticks to videography and teaches everyone the essential to making videos. 

Both Peter and Parker make photos and videos that are a feast for the eyes. They strive to help their fellow filmmakers and form a friendly neighborhood. 


Vlog channels have been gaining popularity for a long time. And the best part is that you can choose any topic that interests you and vlog it. As long as your content is eye-catching and you present it in an interesting way with passion and enthusiasm, you've set the bar high. 

To get started, here are some big names in the different types of vlogs that can inspire you. 

lifestyle vlogging 

Lifestyle vlogging is a practice where a vlogger records their daily activities. He portrays his daily life, his opinions, his hobbies, and whatever he wants on his vlogs. The pioneer of this style of vlogging is Casey Neistat. 

Casey Neistat's channel has 12.2 million subscribers and over 2.8 billion views. He is a legendary vlogger who grew his subscriber count from 1 million to 4 million in 12 months. He is admired by many, thanks to his daily vlogs which have lasted 800 days in a row.

His videos are really great, so much so that Nike contacted him to do a Make it Count themed ad. This guy, failing to make a real publicity, used the money provided by Nike to travel around the world. As usual, he made vlogs about his trip and compiled those vlogs into an advertisement. 

travel vlogging

After a long week of work, we all wanted to drop everything and go on a long vacation. Even if the idea of ​​going on vacation sounds good, not everyone is confident enough to go on a trip without researching them first.

To get a good idea of ​​the place they want to visit, all “travellers” look for sources that will provide authentic views and reviews. Starting such a travel vlog can be a huge opportunity for both parties. The viewer would see raw footage of their next destination and you, your videos would automatically gain views.

These videos can cost you dearly at first, there is no doubt. But once you start posting great videos and gaining popularity, you might even get sponsors (provided your videos are quality). If you feel you can't shell out the cash, you can make advice videos for travelers to prepare before and during their trip. 


At some point, people become aware of their body and their weight. They start to take care of themselves, go on a diet, make a resolution to get rid of their excess pounds, sign up for the gym, but realize that they are not ready to move their buttocks. So, they come to the internet to look for ways to shed their extra pounds from their homes. And that's where your channel can be a boon for them!

You can start bodybuilding like Chloe Ting. Chloe Ting has 14.8 million subscribers and 1.2 billion views. She is known for her famous “Two-week” video series which helps the public to tone the body. She also posts videos that show the before/after transformation of those who have followed her workouts. 


In this world, everything is now ruled by technology. From children to adults, we are all constantly on our phones, tablets or laptops. To say that our mobiles are like our third hand would not be an exaggeration. 

So, to all the tech-savvy citizens out there, here's your chance to show off your knowledge and spread the word. You'll also notice that you learn a lot while on the move, because technology is a vast world that offers a lot to those with open ears. 

This type of channel will prove extremely useful for all types of people: newbies, tech savvy, and people in between newbies and pros. Even if you're a pro, you might not remember all the facts and specs about a technology, smartphones, the internet, and gadgets. Your channel can therefore be a great savior for those who have doubts. 

Marques Brownlee is a perfect example of a Tech channel. Marques has 12.2 million subscribers and over 2 billion views. From smartphones to speakers, headsets to cameras, laptops to robot dogs, Marques reviews and talks all things tech. He has also interviewed big names like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Satya Nadella in his playlist called “MKBHD Interviews”. 


Humor can attract a large audience. Although difficult to create, doing the right kind of humor can hit you in the right way. Additionally, humorous videos can create amazing results for your YouTube channel. If you are wondering what kind of videos can be made, the list is endless. Whether it's prank and prank videos or a show, you can do it all. Your will is your way. So start laughing!

Smosh is a hugely famous comedy channel with 25.1 million subscribers and over 9 billion views. It is known to have been the channel with the most subscribers three times in history. The channel managers post videos once a week and are very popular for their expressions on famous brands and phenomena. 

How to make money being a Youtuber? 

All youtubers dream of one thing when posting their video on youtube: to have the greatest number of views. However, having views on youtube is far from an easy task. Certainly, the first logical action is to create a youtube channel. After that, the Youtuber hopes to make views, a certain number of views per day, views per month to successfully monetize his work and earn money with each video posted. 

Several factors condition the monetization of your channel. Already, you must position yourself on relevant keywords to improve your SEO and rank high in search results when these keywords are typed into a search engine. Regardless of your niche, you will always face stiff competition on the youtube app. It is with a good SEO that your videos can be seen by youtube users. 

You must also encourage the public to click on the subscribe button when you publish a Youtube video. Hence the interest of posting an interesting video, Full-HD, which makes the reader want to come back to follow your next videos. Internet users will not hesitate to share a video they liked or ask their loved ones to go watch it, a dynamic that allows you to create views again and again. 

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