How to convert YouTube views to purchase?

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They are called Sananas, Horia or Enjoy Phoenix. Their videos are watched daily by millions of people on Youtube. A platform where today a real marketing business is developing.

Now, these youtubers/bloggers live off their videos. Thanks to the views but especially to the product placement in their videos.

With several million subscribers, youtubers have a huge influence in the digital world. An influence that interests the biggest brands, as well as the smallest ones.

Emeline Roveki has just created her company. At 33, this former computer engineer is launching her brand of cosmetics. A conversion and a dream for this Bordeaux woman . “I no longer enjoyed what I was doing. There was no challenge. Opening my own business is what I always wanted to do”.

For three years, the young woman was inspired by small foreign brands in the manufacture of products but especially in the promotion of the latter.

“I wanted to mark the occasion. Promote my products quickly and efficiently. An English entrepreneur advised me to place products on YouTube ”.

Emeline therefore directly contacted a few influencers on YouTube. “Little bloggers to offer them to talk about my products”.

But the big advantage of these product placements are the promo codes that are offered by Youtubers in their video. The buyer must enter this code when purchasing. This allows the company to see the evolution of its on-investment. “With the codes, we have direct visibility into purchases. See if it's profitable. »

The price of product placements on YouTube varies depending on the notoriety of the influencer. Rates that oscillate between 300€ and 5000€ in France.

Like Emeline, many business leaders are opting for this new advertising. A way that is sometimes more profitable than traditional advertising.

“Thanks to product placement, my sales have doubled! »

Mounir has been using product placements for two years now where he sells sports equipment. Concretely, this entrepreneur invests 30% of his budget per month in product placement. “I do all my advertising thanks to placements. It is an integral part of my budget because the economic benefits are significant”.

Indeed, since the businessman has used this advertising he has seen his sales doubled. “I started by investing 700 euros per month in the placement. I contacted a youtubeur, with a fairly strong fan zone, to see how it was going. As a result, he offered me a quick video where he talks about one of my products. A video seen by nearly 30,000 people. As a result, Mounir's product in question saw its sales quadruple in just 48 hours.

Today Mounir collaborates with bloggers directly through agencies specializing in product placement. " It's easier for me. They are the ones who are in charge of soliciting bloggers according to the product that I want to highlight, the target, negotiating the prices according to their popularity”.

Evolution of Mounir's sales before the use of product placement in 2015 and after in 2018.

In this graph, we notice that in barely two years the sales of Mounir's products have more than doubled.

Faced with this success, start-ups have specialized in product placement on the Internet. They are the ones that connect companies that want to advertise with influencers.

A very successful market for small and large companies. Prestigious brands  such as Dior, Balenciaga or even L'Oréal have recourse to this practice. A practice that costs less and would bring more.

With her millions of followers, Caroline Receveur is one of the most influential bloggers in France. This former reality TV candidate collaborates with the biggest luxury brands through her videos on her Youtube channel.

Instagram has also been a pioneer in influencer marketing.

Today advertising therefore prefers to turn, little by little, to digital like Youtube, a new market worth a few million euros.

Our 3 tips for doing product placement:

1. Choose your blogger well

If you want to get into product placement, we advise you to put in place a real marketing strategy . The idea is therefore to know according to your product, the audience you want to target and the popularity of the youtuber . If it is, for example, a young audience, rather feminine teenagers, you can go to fashion bloggers under 30 years old. If you're just starting out, don't hesitate to contact the bloggers yourself, explaining your approach.

2. Have your product tested before

Generally, youtubers prefer to test your products before offering them in their videos. When you contact them, don't hesitate to send them your product so that they can try it first. It's a way to build a bond with your collaborator and to show that you are in a process of trust.

3. Think about the image

For each product, you have to think about how the blogger will introduce the product. If product placement is not a television advertisement, the fact remains that it remains a video. You have to think about the presentation of the product. A simple appearance of the brand in a music clip or a complete explanation in a video made for the occasion.

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