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The launch of the YouTube video hosting website in 2005 created a new marketing strategy for businesses. Above all, the platform has allowed YouTubers to broadcast audiovisual content. These natural or legal persons create videos to meet a need expressed by Internet users. Faced with the opportunities on YouTube more and more people are interested in how to become a YouTuber. This mini guide gives advice on this subject. 

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Technical advice to become a youtuber 

Creating a youtube channel to share a video can be a job or a hobby. Every youtuber decides if they want to make money from posting videos on youtube for youtube users . Either way, it helps to apply these tips to deliver great content. 

Create an account and choose your work material

To start your youtuber adventure on the youtube platform , start by opening a google account if you don't have one. Indeed, youtube is a hosting site  videos from Google. Thus, the creation of a channel on the platform implies the opening of an email address to have a Google customer area. Then, it is imperative for youtubers to choose their work materials. Indeed, you will need a camera to make full-HD videos, a microphone, lighting tools and a computer for editing the videos.

Create an original and attractive visual identity

Before thinking about monetization of the youtube channel , consider creating your youtuber profile. In reality, you need a graphic charter that defines your visual identity on the youtube platform and social media . So, hire a professional graphic designer to do this task or use free online solutions like Canvas. 

Preparing audiovisual content

It is not enough to share videos on youtube to be successful. The preparation of each new video is a preliminary step that leads to obtaining thousands of views . So, whether you are the main actor in your films yourself, it is important to write a script, then film the scenes and do the video editing. The content must be true and attractive, so that the millions of subscribers are captivated from the start of the viewing . Also, treat the themes from an original angle to stand out from the competition. 

Who do you call youtuber?

The youtubeur or youtubeuse is a person who broadcasts audiovisual content on a youtube channel. This name also refers to a web videographer who produces and publishes videos on the youtube platform . In current societies, the word designates a natural person who manages to earn money by publishing a video on the YouTube video hosting site. 

The youtuber is a user of youtube and other social media which he uses to obtain several views. This person can also create and animate a blog or a website. In principle, the youtuber must create a youtube account . It is indeed a customer area on youtube called youtube channel . The creation of a channel is also mandatory for all people who wish to comment on a video on the site.

In the technical sense, youtubers or youtubers do various jobs, as they can play different roles to create a new video. Indeed, they are both screenwriter, producer, director and actor for the film published on youtube . Beyond these skills specific to the profession of videographer, the youtuber plays the role of community manager. Also, he is sometimes led to do marketing to earn more money .

Identify a niche and choose a theme for the Youtube channel

After creating your youtube channel , you must choose the themes that your videos will address. But before getting there, youtubers identify a niche. The term niche is used in marketing to refer to an audience or community that has a specific need that a business provides a solution to. It is advisable to identify the niche before creating a youtube account . 

Thus, the youtuber can give an appropriate name to his channel to attract youtube users . For example, investing in cryptocurrencies is a general niche, as there is an audience that is interested in buying virtual currencies.  However, the youtube user can define a micro-niche, an audience that is interested in a specific aspect relating to cryptocurrencies. 

In reality, the identification of the micro-niche allows the YouTuber to choose the themes of his  youtube channel to meet the expectations of the public. For example, there are many gaming youtubers , but not all of them address the same themes in their youtube videos. Therefore, the success of the YouTube videographer depends on the quality of his niche. 

Choose a focus area you are passionate about to be creative and stand out

Filming and sharing a video on YouTube requires creativity. This means having new ideas to create a new video . To demonstrate originality at each  publication of a video , professional youtubers discuss topics related to their passion. Indeed, human beings easily transmit information on a subject or theme that interests them. It is a human character that influences the decision of the youtube user at the stage of choosing the niche.

If you plan to monetize your youtube channel , the ideal approach is to make a channel to exploit your talents as a comedian, cook... In doing so, you will not lack imagination to write new scenarios to create new videos on youtube . Indeed, a youtubeur can make views when he shares interesting content. 

After watching the videos on the youtube platform , Internet users subscribe to youtube channels that broadcast content that meets their needs. This is how professional YouTubers like Norman and Cyprien as well as Squeezie build a community made up of millions of subscribers . Indeed, the quality of the video and the message it contains are elements that make it possible to achieve views.   

Publish videos on a regular basis to retain visitors

If the youtubeur must not lack creativity, it is because he must regularly animate his youtube page . Ideally after the creation of a channel , the videographer and actor must publish a new video on youtube every week. Thus, it is necessary to define a monthly editorial calendar to organize the production of videos on youtube.

By updating the audiovisual content on the youtube channel , you encourage subscribers to watch. This strategy helps to retain youtube users . In reality, the youtuber does not have direct physical contact with his audience. So it's the videos you post on youtube that maintain the link. 

Also, it is possible to retain subscribers by interacting with them via live chat after the publication of a video . Social networks are also an ideal channel that allows  the youtube user to maintain the virtual relationship he has created with his community. Thereby,  apart from the time spent preparing videos on youtube , the youtuber must arrange a schedule to interact with his audience. 

Increase the visibility of the youtube channel to get several views

The traffic generated by the youtube channel determines your results in the long term. As a result, youtubers are chasing subscribers. To get better visibility, you have to comment on the publications of other youtubers in order to offer them a collaboration. 

By creating visual content with another youtube user , it is possible to make interesting views . Also, be sure to promote each new video by choosing a catchy title. The use of hashtags and specific keywords helps to better position your youtube page among the best search results on the web. 

In doing so, the potential audience interested in the subjects covered in your videos on youtube will be able to find this content. Similarly, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok...allow you to increase the visibility of your youtube channel . Indeed, many youtubers use these channels to share a video and create a community. 

How to make money with videos on youtube? 

Some consider youtubers to be influencers who make their living by posting videos on the youtube site . It is indeed possible to monetize the efforts made to obtain thousands of views . YouTubers can take advantage of various sources of income, the best known of which are: 

  • advertising revenue via the adsense account,
  • participatory financing called Crowfunding ,
  • the promotion of products or services for brands,
  • selling your copyrighted videos to online media, etc. 

With the majority of these monetization solutions, the youtubeur touches average revenue per subscriber . In principle, the more your videos on youtube attract views, the more potential buyers there are for the service or product in partnership . The majority of advertisers do product placement by collaborating with a converter youtuber. It is indeed that the number of subscribers who watch this video carries out a prospecting or purchasing action.

advertise on youtube to earn money 

Most brands make product placements to advertise it on youtube. Being visible on youtube is a good way to sell. Because of this, ads through your youtube channel should increase advertiser conversion rate. Also, the youtuber who has a personal brand can use his channel to sell more products. 

In addition, affiliation is also a solution for generating advertising revenue. However, the ability of youtubers to make money is not based solely on youtube views . Indeed, the niche, monetization channels and community engagement are all factors that influence the earnings of the youtuber. In general, when your videos achieve a remarkable number of views , this allows you to sign contracts for advertising on youtube.

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