The Complete Guide: Create a YouTube Video with a Smartphone

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To animate his youtube channel, the youtuber must publish a new video every week. Beginner youtubers often don't have a professional camera to create a youtube video. Many web videographers choose to use their smartphone to record images for their new youtube clip. To succeed in this area, it is useful to respect certain important steps. This complete guide presents the ideal procedure for making a youtube video with a smartphone. Learn the tips for filming your script, editing the video and how to publish it on the YouTube video hosting platform. 

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Prepare the creation of the Youtube video with the smartphone

Before shooting and editing a video , it is important to prepare a script and a screenplay. Indeed, these elements are used in the world of cinema to produce films. So, the content of this youtube video is defined in the preparation stage. On Youtube , there are different categories of videos in which the presenter appears or not. 

In the majority of videos on youtube , the Youtuber is an actor in the scenario. The  preparation to create a youtube video with a smartphone is a mandatory step. In fact, there is a set of rules that apply to shooting each category of video on youtube . For example, when the web videographer must appear in his scenario, a certain number of principles must be respected during the filming. 

When your youtube clip is 100% illustrated with images or short video sequences, then the Youtuber can skip the filming phase. To create videos featuring a different subject than the presenter, you need to film different shots of your script. Also, it is important to prepare the filming equipment: the lighting, the microphone... Ideally, prepare the decor of the filming space, the costumes, etc.

Shoot video for Youtube with smartphone

To create videos showing one or more actors, the Youtuber can film the scenes with his smartphone. In this regard, there are two possible configurations; either you  film or you film one or more subjects for the Youtube video . 

Film yourself

To create a youtube video  when filming yourself with a smartphone, you have to identify the ideal shooting angle. To self-film, the Youtuber makes a fixed shot, because the camera is not in motion. To frame the image, place the phone's camera at eye level on a tripod or on a stack of books. Also, it is recommended to film horizontally (landscape mode) with the rear camera of the smartphone. Thus, you will have a good video quality .

Film one or more subjects

To create a video for Youtube by filming one or more actors, fixed shots must be avoided. The Youtuber must then move the camera from right to left or vice versa. Also, make movements from bottom to top to capture the important elements of the scenery or on the character(s). To zoom, you must move close to the subject. Keep in mind that each camera position corresponds to a shooting plan.

Some useful tips for shooting a youtube video

It is good to create a youtube channel , but the most useful thing for the youtuber is to publish a better quality video on youtube. Here are the practical tips for filming your youtube video. 

Prepare the smartphone 

Trade by cleaning the camera of the smartphone that you are going to use to shoot the video. This action removes any fingerprints or dust from your camera lens. Then, turn on airplane mode on the phone to avoid being interrupted by a phone call. Also, notifications from social networks disrupt the recording of the video . 

Optimize decor lighting

The youtubeur must film in a lighted space, but not exposed to strong light. The camera should face away from any intense light source to avoid backlighting. For creating videos shot outdoors, daylight should suffice. When shooting a Youtube video indoors, invest in portable studio lighting like LED projectors. 

Use a stabilizer to film yourself 

The stabilizer is a material that supports your smartphone during filming. When the Youtubeur keeps the camera in hand, the image is not stable. Thus, the use of a tripod like the Gorilla Pod or the switch pod is recommended to stabilize your phone. This equipment is also useful for making camera movements without the risk of shaking the lens in all directions. 

Record multiple sequences

To create a perfect youtube video , the youtuber must film several sequences of his scenario. Although recording a video seems simple, it is not uncommon to make mistakes during the presentation of the speech. Thus, shooting a scene several times allows you to choose the best quality at the time of assembly. Also, it's a great way to watch video and appreciate the impact of lighting. However, some Youtubers shoot the entire video and then edit it. 

Voice-over recording

YouTubers who make multiple videos with a smartphone use a wired or wireless lavalier microphone to record their voice. It is possible to use the phone device. However, it will be necessary to get closer to the device to have a good tone. Also, reduce or even eliminate  the echo of the filming space by using a floor mat or acoustic foams.

Editing and staging YouTube videos with the smartphone

Making a better quality youtube video ends with editing. In reality, this phase makes it possible to arrange the sequences or cut out bad shots. Also, it is possible to add special effects while editing the video . 

Use video editing software or youtube video editor

You have to use video editing software programmed for smartphones to create a youtube clip. Failing that, create higher quality videos with youtube app video editor. Thus, import the rushes filmed during the shooting on the tool of your choice. It is often possible to preview the content of this video before uploading the sequence to the editing space of your software. So you can import the rushes in order and remove unwanted parts. 

Editing videos without characters

To edit videos in which the presenter appears in part or does not appear, editing software allows you to insert explanatory images. As a result, the Youtuber organizes the illustrations following the timeline of the script and the soundtrack . If your editing software includes special effects, then add them to the youtube clip if necessary.

Add text to your video

An audiovisual clip editor for youtube offers the possibility of adding text to a video sequence. Also, it is possible to create images composed of texts to illustrate your remarks. To make a professional editing , then insert text at specific times in the video. This feature is useful for emphasizing information. For example, it is possible to use text to segment the content of this video into several chapters.

Insert background music

To create a youtube video and have views , it is useful to add background music to the youtube clip . The choice of music title on youtube depends on the topic you are discussing in the video. The web videographer can then select a rhythm or clam audio clip; or it alternates between the two musical rhythms. Also, it is recommended to use sound effects in order to draw the viewers' attention to a fact at the time of viewing . However, add free music from the web to avoid copyright hassles . 

Create end screen for youtube video

Professional Youtubers recommend to create end screen for youtube video . As such, it is necessary to save the modifications made to the sequences during editing. Next, go to the image processing area of ​​your video editing software to create the end screen. Select a photo in landscape mode (the 16:9 aspect ratio), then add text, such as Subscribe. Then, open the video editor's timeline to insert the edited photo into the clip multiple times to achieve a 20 second playback time. 

Publish the video to your youtube channel

Before publishing the youtube video, create a thumbnail on the Canva site with an image to highlight the content of this video . Then, open the youtube application on your smartphone to publish the video you have edited on youtube . Tap the camera button , then tap video at the bottom left of the screen to upload a video . Select the youtube clip that you edited with the video editing software. 

Then, you have to write the title and description of the video. Insert in the textual content the Hashtags and keywords related to the theme of the content of this video . Click the Private option before publishing the video online. At the end of the loading, open the YouTube Studio application to find the youtube clip broadcast recently. 

Choose your Youtube video in the Videos space to add the thumbnail by clicking on the small pencil at the top of the youtube page. After choosing the right thumbnail, add tags and keywords related to your niche and audience on Youtube . This trick allows youtubers to generate millions of views . It is indeed a useful SEO technique for search engine algorithms to position your video on youtube among the best search results . 

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