How to download a youtube video?

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How to download a youtube video?

how to download youtube video

YouTube is the popular video hosting site on the internet. Launched in 2005, the platform protects sound and audiovisual content published on a youtube page. In this way, Google (owner of YouTube) preserves the copyright of YouTubers and organizations that create videos on Youtube. Despite the offline playback option available to youtube users, many internet users prefer to download a file of their favorite videos. To satisfy this need, several web tools and software have been created to download youtube video. Discover in this mini-guide the common practices in this field.

Download Youtube Videos with Notorious Web Tools

With the evolution of technology, Internet users no longer need software to download videos or music from youtube . Indeed, there are websites dedicated to free downloading of audiovisual content hosted on the streaming platform.

Use YouTube Mp4 to Download Video

YouTubeMp4 Video converter is a website designed to backup audio and visual files stored on Youtube. So it can be used to download music or download video . The tool indeed allows users to watch the video before initiating the download. To use this system online, you need to retrieve the YouTube video url .

Then, go to the YouTubeMp4 website to paste the url address in the space reserved for this purpose. Start the processing process by clicking the Convert button . The system takes a few seconds to prepare the Youtube video for downloading. At the end of the process, click on the Download button to save the video to your computer hardware.

Experiment SaveTube

Youtube videos are downloadable with the web tool SaveTube. It allows users to initiate a download without software. Thus, to download a video with this online system, you must copy the url address of the video or music on youtube. Then go to your web browser to paste the url into the search bar in a tab.

Once the copy-paste process is complete, place the computer cursor just after the acronym www. to add ''SS'' or ''kiss'' to the link. Then confirm the download by pressing the Enter key as if to launch an internet search. The internet browser systematically redirects you to the SaveTube site after preparing the Youtube video. Choose the best possible quality , then download the audiovisual file.

Download video via

The website is a tool for downloading youtube videos directly from the internet. Apart from the youtube platform , this web tool supports content from other audiovisual content websites such as Vimeo and Daily Motion. Just click a dedicated button to download videos. This download system is called the helper add-ons.

First, start by adding the site plugin to your web browser by clicking the Add to Chrome icon (for example) on the home page of the website. Once the plugin installation is complete, restart your browser to see's " Download " option appear next to the videos you are watching. Click the icon to choose from the video formats offered and save the file to your computer.

Get a video with YouTube Download

YouTube Download platform is a convenient web tool to download video or music from youtube . It provides users with an ad-free download experience. Also, it is possible to save the Mp4 or Mp3 format of an unlimited number of video files with prior settings made by the site's algorithms.

Start by copying the url address of the video to download on Youtube, then paste the url in the search bar of the YouTube Download tool . Then launch a search and the site reveals several formats available to download the file. Click on the 'Generate link' option next to the format you like and the site generates the download link under the 'Download' button.

Download videos from Youtube with little-known websites

Downloading Youtube videos for free (without software to download ) is also possible with less known web tools. However, the majority of these download systems include a converter to obtain video files in several formats. website is a secure platform that helps Internet users to download video or download music from Youtube. It offers the possibility of converting the content of this video into a format adapted to the needs of the user. To achieve this, simply copy the URL of the video to the site to generate a file.

Next, be sure to choose the quality of the video (ready for download) by selecting a format from the list that appears. After this step, click "Continue" button to choose the resolution for offline playback of the file. Press the "Start" button so that the converter prepares the video. At the end of the process, tap "Download" to save the file.

Convert tool

Concerto is a youtube video downloader tool that many users use to get the video files they want. The system incorporates a converter that allows you to obtain the file in Mp4 or Mp3 format. Also, the simplified process for downloading videos or music makes the tool accessible to beginner Internet users.

As with most free download websites , you have to go to YouTube to copy the URL of the video. Then open Converto website, paste the url address in the placeholder for converting video files. Select the ideal format the good quality possible, then click the "Convert" icon to generate the download link. Finalize the procedure by clicking on the 'Click here' button to save the youtbe video on the device's storage memory.

YouTubNow website

With YoutubNow many Internet users can easily download y outube videos . The online tool not only promotes free downloading, but also has a converter to change the formats of the acquired video files . Beyond these basic functions, you have the possibility of viewing the content of videos on Youtube on the platform . Regarding the process of downloading a youtube video , you have to go to youtube to take the URL of the video.

Then go to YoutubNow to paste the url in the dedicated space. Otherwise, type the name of the musical or cinematographic work directly on the site to find it. When the file is ready for download, choose the format that suits you. Hit the "Download" button to save the video to your storage.

Best software to download youtube videos

To download a video on Youtube , it is possible to use a downloading software. Indeed, several applications are programmed to proceed with the Free download . Thus, the user can watch the video by playing offline and can copy and paste the file to other media.

VLC Media Player

The VLC Media Player audiovisual file player is an open source software programmed to play video via network streams. So you can use Vlc to play a video from its url address . Using this way, it is possible to upload a video to a youtube page . After installing the player, it is imperative to go to youtube to copy the url of the video. Next, launch VLC Media Player and click File or Media menu on the taskbar at the top.

In the drop-down menu select the option Open a network stream to paste the url in the indicated field and click on the open or play button to start online playback of the content of this video . Now open the Window or Tools menu to access the video information. In this setting, click on the Media Information option .

A window opens to display the video metadata youtube video . It indicates a URL in the Location field just after the General box. Copy this link, open a tab in the web browser to paste the url there and start a search. The search engine will start playing the video. Then right-click on the image and select the Save Video As action to download the video.

Mozilla Firefox or Opera web browser on PC

The Opera and Mozilla Firefox internet browsers are software for downloading youtube videos . To use the first tool, just install the YouTube Downloader add - on on the Opera downloader . Once the extension is in place, the user must go to youtube to watch the video he wants to download.

At this point you will now see below the video the button to download the file. Click the arrow to download videos or download music . Then select the format of the file to be saved in the directory of the computer. As for users of the firefox web browser, it is enough to install the Add-ons extension to download a video in Mp4.

Once the module is installed, a download button is visible under the videos on Youtube . Click on this icon and follow the instructions to complete the free download. It is indeed a question of choosing the final format of the audio or visual file and designating a location to save it.

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