How to delete a Tik Tok account?

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how to delete tiktok account

Today, the Tik Tok social network is considered one of the best in the distribution of videos, as it has millions of users. However, it is clear that many of them want to withdraw completely from this platform. The main reason for this phenomenon lies in the fact that this mobile application does not have a regulatory guideline. If you wish to unsubscribe from this platform and completely delete the data stored, the ideal would be to launch the account deletion request. What are the different steps to completely delete a Tik Tok account? We will discuss the subject further in the lines to follow.

What are the main reasons for deleting a Tik Tok account?

Compared to a Facebook account holder, an active Tik Tok user can decide to permanently delete their account. This action can be due to several reasons and issues it faces.

Privacy issues

Data collection issues are considered to be one of the main reasons why active Tik Tok users may decide to uninstall this mobile app. Today, several experts have estimated that this platform poses privacy and security problems related to user data. There are even a handful of media outlets that revealed that Tik Tok collects lots of private information and personal data from its users to build a strong database.

As an illustration, an article on Forber does a reverse design of tiktok. It has been discovered that this social network is spying on users on behalf of China. This is one of the reasons why the government of the United States of America has decided to ban this social network from American territory.

In general, applications collect user data in order to provide them with a good experience. However, it has been revealed that Tik Tok works completely differently. Indeed, this social network collects data that is neither necessary nor useful. In addition, Chinese law has authorized the government of China to access all data from platforms located on its territory. This presents a serious threat. This is precisely the reason why a strong deactivation of accounts has been recorded in recent years. If the privacy of your data is important to you, then you should permanently withdraw from this social network.

Inappropriate content

Apart from privacy related issues, there are also other reasons why you can unsubscribe and opt for deletion of Tik Tok account. Indeed, almost all of the viewers of the videos published on this platform already know the influencers there and will probably follow them on other social networks.

Moreover, the majority of content is full of lip sync and dance moves. There are even some videos in which you will find nudity and half-naked models dancing to a song.

Today, many people have taken to creating inappropriate content for children in the hope of becoming famous. Being obsessed with the number of likes and comments, they don't care what type of content to post. Some influencers even go so far as to upload sexually intriguing videos. This is the main reason leading many parents to permanently delete their children's accounts and remove them completely from this social network.

According to several opinions collected, a handful of people questioned believe that the social network can have a negative influence on children under 18 years of age. They have found this to be one of the reasons why millions of users have permanently deleted their accounts.

In addition, the social network is also full of hate speech against several people. This is also a main reason that can lead some people to disconnect and permanently delete their user account. Indeed, many cases of hate speech have been recorded in recent years. These were addressed to a specific community, religion, political party or group of people. Some actions even go so far as to cause racist remarks. These are the main reasons that can lead active users of the Tik Tok social network to permanently close their account and delete the information linked to it.

The right way to deactivate a Tik Tok account

If you want to deactivate a Tik Tok account, it is imperative to follow a procedure allowing you to resort to permanent deletion. Unlike several other social networks like Facebook, the principle of disabling this platform does not require the subject of a specific procedure. Also, the option to deactivate your account is not available in the settings.

For deactivation, you will have to delete your tik tok account. After validating the operation, you have a period of 30 days (called "deactivation"). During this time, you have the possibility to recover your personal data or space. When no connection is established within the given time, then the account will be deactivated. You will no longer have access to restore it.

Deactivating a Tik Tok account remains particularly simple on smartphones. To do so with complete peace of mind, log in to your account beforehand using your credentials (username and password). Please go to your account privacy settings. Next, click on the “Manage your account” option. At the bottom of the screen, you must click on the "delete account" button.

After passing all these steps, you must follow the instructions of the system in order to finalize the operation. Be aware that the permanent deletion of the Tik Tok account can also be carried out on a computer with web access. The steps to follow are almost the same as those listed above. However, you must click on the "Account Control" button to have access to the account deletion or deactivation function. Regardless of the medium used to delete your account, you always have a period of 30 days before the final deletion. The same is true regardless of the initiation of the procedure. This is quite an effective deletion procedure. In this way, you will be able to remove any possibility of reconnecting to this account again.

Moreover, if you wish to opt for a simple deactivation of your tik tok account, the ideal would be to make a backup of the data. In this way, you will avoid losing them irreversibly when you want to reactivate your account. To simply deactivate your account, start by going through the settings menu until you find the "Privacy" option. Click on the "Download your data" function and choose the format you want. It can be JSON or TXT. To validate the operation, click on “Request your data”. The time needed to finalize the operation is in about 4 days. In this way, you can later download your personal data from an archive available in zip format. The information to be retrieved includes:

  • Account settings;
  • Comments posted;
  • Video history;
  • All data in line with the profile.

The right ways to permanently delete a tik tok account

Today, some people ask the question how to delete their personal data from the Tik Tok platform. The procedure to use is quite simple and clear. To delete a tik tok account, you can perfectly follow the procedure previously described. Similarly, the deadline for permanent deletion is 30 days. When using the Tik Tok mobile application, the steps to follow are quite concise. Indeed, you must access your profile using your personal identifiers such as username and password. Likewise, you can use a QR Code or other services or social networks such as:

  • The Google account
  • Instagram;
  • Twitter;
  • Etc.

Then, you must click on the 3 vertical lines in the upper right corner of your screen and select the "Manage Account" button. Click on the “delete account” function and enter all the information relating to the form offered by Tik Tok. You can finally validate by clicking on the "Continue" button.

Before validating the account deletion operation, the algorithm will again ask you to confirm your identity. After that, you just have to finalize the procedure by clicking on the “delete account” button.

In addition, by opting to delete your tik tok account, you will no longer be able to connect using your current credentials. Similarly, the refund of purchased products cannot be made from this application since you can no longer access it. However, conversations with your friends or commented videos will remain visible on the posts.

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