How to make a successful Instagram feed in 7 key steps

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Instagram has become a social media staple, with over a billion active users every month. Whether you are a brand, an influencer, or just a regular user, having a harmonious and coherent feed is essential to attract new subscribers and show the best of yourself. Here are 7 key steps to successful Instagram feed and Instagram content .

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I) Define your purpose and your style

Before you get started, it's crucial to determine the purpose of your Instagram account. Do you want to promote your business, share your passion, or simply stay in touch with your friends? Define your style around this goal, choosing a color palette and tone that reflects your personality or brand.

II) Plan your content

For a smooth feed, it's important to plan your posts in advance. Plan a mix of photos, videos, and stories to vary the pleasures. Use scheduling apps, like Planoly or Later, to organize and preview your feed before posting.

III) Pay attention to the quality of your visuals

Visuals are the key to your success on Instagram. Invest in a good camera or smartphone, and learn the basics of photography to capture quality images. Feel free to edit your photos with apps like VSCO or Adobe Lightroom to adjust colors and brightness. There are other apps to enhance your feed as well.

IV) Adopt a coherent grid

Choose a grid format for your feed, whether it's a 3x3 grid, a checkerboard, or a custom pattern. This consistency will make it easier to navigate and make your feed more pleasing to the eye.

V) Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are essential to gain visibility on Instagram. Find and use hashtags that are relevant to your content, avoiding hashtags that are too generic. Also consider creating a custom hashtag for your brand or project.

VI) Engage with your audience

Responding to comments and messages, liking and commenting on other users' posts, and participating in challenges or collaborations will allow you to build relationships with your audience and increase your visibility.

VII) Analyze your performance

Use Instagram's analytics tools to measure your success and identify which posts perform best. Adapt your strategy based on this information to continuously improve your feed.


By following these 7 steps, you will be able to create a smooth, cohesive, and engaging Instagram feed. Take the time to define your style, plan your content and interact with your audience to succeed on this essential social network.

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