How to post a video on your Instagram feed?

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Social networks have taken a big place in our daily lives. Whether we are individuals or entrepreneurs, politicians or artists, the number of followers has become important and essential. The content of our publications can indeed interest a multitude of foreigners who become our “friends”. Thus, to attract attention and have a greater impact, several applications have appeared.

Moreover, the publication of content on social networks has become an art. Thanks to the story and the feed, we attract more curious people and therefore more followers. For a teenager, for example, it's exhilarating to have Instagram views from many people and to get comments. For an entrepreneur, it is an opportunity to attract new prospects. In the latter case, it is therefore important to put in place a strategy to ensure a publication that would interest the greatest number. It may seem trivial, but you absolutely have to master the art of posting a video on the Instagram feed. It is indeed one of the most used networks at the moment. Besides, we all want to increase Instagram views .

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I - What is an Instagram feed?

Who wouldn't know, you tell me. However, we are so used to handling our Smartphones and consulting networks that we forget the basics. Well for those who don't know, it's a data stream. It's the mosaic of images that appear when you connect to an Instagram account. Thus, thanks to this news feed, we are able to follow the information that other users publish. Nevertheless, the feeds are now fed with information from algorithms. Thus, it is necessary to personalize the publications in order to increase Instagram views. It is thanks to this that you will improve your brand image and develop your notoriety.

In addition, it is the news feed that monopolizes the time spent on social networks. So be sure to grab attention by posting content that is unique to you. In this way, your subscribers will increase and the number of "likes" as well. Nevertheless, know how to post a video on the Instagram feed.

II - Publication of a video on an Instagram feed

We all know that an instagram video is limited to 1 minute. So, here are some tips for having more interesting videos. Since the dimension of the publications on Instagram is a square of 1080x1080, it is best to respect this format.

In addition, you can keep your content while respecting the time allocated by this network by splitting your videos. Indeed, applications can help you cut certain parts of your videos to keep those that seem most relevant to you. To do this, you can use your smartphone, an application, or directly Instagram. Another solution would be to make a short video in order to redirect your community to richer content, i.e. YouTube or IGTV. Indeed, your videos will be longer there. IGTV is Instagram's TV channel.

Finally, to publish the video, here are the steps to follow:

  • Click on the “+” sign to add a new publication;
  • Click on the carousel;
  • Select your videos;

Finally, in order to arouse the interest of your community, take care to choose the cover photo of your video. This is the preview that people will see before they even view the content. However, be careful not to let Instagram choose your cover photo on its own, as it might not be the right one. You could lose potential subscribers.

III - Increase Instagram views

Instagram views are important not only for a person's brand awareness, but also for marketing a business. Indeed, social networks accumulate more leads than any other medium. Thus, the “views” have become a means of promoting its products on Instagram, a brand or even an ideology. As a result, it is now possible to buy Instagram views. Several sites will offer you to multiply the number of your subscribers for a few euros.

Buying Instagram "seen" is important as it is a way to increase your visibility on the networks. Not only will you or your brand be known, but the number of your potential customers will also increase. So, buying views on Instagram can turn out to be a good investment. However, the number of views is not enough, because it is also necessary to increase the number of “likes” in order to ensure the credibility of the account. However, it will cost you a few euros more.

With this new technique of shopping for "seen" on Instagram , a neighborhood baker or hair salon can quickly gain exposure. Thus, it is interesting to consult the sites specialized in the marketing of views on Instagram in order to improve your marketing strategy.

Also, in order to get more Instagram views , feel free to create new hashtags. Indeed, the more you cover various topics, the more you will increase the number of your subscribers. Thus, the views will increase as you broaden the subject of your posts. Yes, you will attract more people.

How to get more views on instagram ? Also another tip, pay special attention to peak times. Peak times are when your community is likely to connect and react to your posts. You will automatically get more views, likes and comments. Hence, you will increase Instagram views .

Finally, for those who absolutely want to attract attention and get as many views as possible, use Instagram live. Indeed, you can shoot live videos to interact with your community. This trick is interesting insofar as the interaction generated by the live will allow you to gain notoriety. It is indeed a way to animate your community and also present your brand for example.

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