How to publish on several social networks at the same time?

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The place of social networks is central in a business, but the time you have to devote to it is limited. Some tools allow you to manage all your social networks through a single interface. We have selected two tools in this area: Hootsuite and buffer. We will compare these two tools for you.

I. How do I use Hootsuite?

1- Hootsuite, the offers offered.

Three subscriptions are offered: one professional at $19 a month including 10 social media profiles with no limits for publications but only usable by a single user. The other three are for teams and businesses. The team pack at $99/month offers the management of 20 media profiles with unlimited access to 3 users.

2- A 30-day trial period.

All you have to do is subscribe to the subscription and you will be offered a 30-day trial period. It should also be noted that without termination on your part after the 30-day period, the month will be deducted from you. The price offered by the month with commitment is 34% lower than the monthly subscription. The service includes all 10 social media profiles, real-time stats, automatic post scheduling, unlimited social media sweepstakes, and unlimited RSS integration.

3- Add your social networks.

6 different social networks are displayed on the page: Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin and Instagram. By clicking on one of the following buttons, you will be able to allow the site to access the account of the social network chosen by logging in. This will allow the tool to work. It is essential that your Instagram profile is in business profile so that all the statistical data is exploited.

4- You have access to the work tool

The interface allowing you to use all the features is in the form of a table centralizing all the information from the different social networks in 4 categories: wall messages, events, private messages and posts.

5- Publish on all social networks in one click.

By clicking on the "new publication" button, you are redirected to a page allowing you to first choose the social network on which you wish to publish. It is then necessary to set up the content of the publication and finally the image whose format must be adjusted. Photos can be imported directly from your computer or phone.

6- Promote the post.

Once the publication is online, you can boost it with a facebook ad.

7- Access to all statistics.

You will have access to statistical reports on the activity of your accounts. As well as a draft personalized audience report, the latter will only be invoiced once published.

8- Useful tools.

Scheduling publications allows you to better manage your time as well as define a long-term strategy. You program the time and day of your next publications. The distribution of tasks is also feasible for the different members of a team. The URL link makes it possible to track the people who have consulted your profile.

II. How to use Buffer?

1- A simplified site.

The home page is very refined, the tool is simplified. The site is entirely in English. A free plan is available.

2- A panel of 6 social networks

Buffer offers simplified management of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Linkedin. All you have to do is connect to each of them so that Instagram can communicate with the tool. The website is limited, to manage your Instagram you will have to download the application available on Android and IOS.

3- A very easy to use and effective application.

The tool even allows for a free plan to schedule publications on a specific date and time on the desired social networks. The tool is less comprehensive than Hootsuite. The target audience would be an audience looking to save time in order to publish effectively. For a more professional use of social networks, it is advisable to use Hootsuite.

4- Only one page to publish.

The page for publishing has also been simplified. However, you will have access to some statistical data once the publication has been shared. You will know which of your publications had the largest audience and on which social network your community is the most receptive.

5- The free plan only allows you to manage one account

You will not be able to manage multiple accounts per social network. Here is the limit of the free offer. For $14.49 per month you will have access to the Pro package allowing you to manage 8 profiles and schedule 100 posts as well as add 15 RSS links per profile.

6- The Small Business plan.

This plan will still cost you $106.99 per month or $999.99 for a year. It includes the management of 25 profiles 2000 post programming. The advantage of this plan is the possibility of working in a team of 5 people. You will also have more in-depth access to the analyses.

7- Simplicity VS a complete tool.

To sum up, if you are looking for a tool to save time and at the same time be present on social networks, use Buffer. If you want to have a more in-depth use of social networks that require more data, use Hootsuite. This tool nevertheless requires a certain mastery requiring training time.

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  • Aubin DD

    Super comme article! J’ai travaillé en tant que stagiaire dans une boite qui voulait se lancer sur Instagram et d’autres réseaux sociaux. C’est vrai qu’en tant que Community Manager ce genre d’outils sont rapidement indispensable. Lorsqu’on doit faire plus de 10 posts par jours c’est rapidement chronophage!
    Personnellement j’ai tout de même une préférence pour Hootsuite : l’outil est beaucoup plus complet!

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