Tik Tok: How to break through from 0 to 1000 followers in 15 days?

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How to break into Tiktok?

Being a fan of Tik Tok , you certainly know that it is an application that can very quickly become addictive. Bringing together an essentially adolescent audience, Tik Tok is now popular with older people. Many companies also join the social network to promote their brand. In addition, users who manage to produce viral content on Tik Tok several times have a great chance of becoming known and thus becoming a Tik Tok influencer. Do you also want to get more traffic on this network, increase your followers and thus break into Tik Tok ? It's never too late to grow your fan base. Even if the Chinese application has become more and more popular and the competition between content creators has become a little tougher there, you can still do well by implementing a few techniques. So, how to break into Tik Tok ? How to get views on Tik Tok ? Follow the guide !

1-  Create content on Tik Tok


Content is king is a rule that applies to all people who want to grow their community on social networks. Tik Tok is no exception. If you really want to break into Tik Tok , you're going to have to post content. Obviously, you will not be able to content yourself with being present on the application in ghost mode and hope to go from 0 to 1000 subscribers on Tik Tok as if by magic. We will have to take action. This presupposes the creation of original content of good quality in both form and content. For your first video, you don't necessarily need to do anything unique.

You can just lip-sync or spin off a trending video. This type of content requires little effort and is more than enough to gain a few subscribers. But for that to work, your video will have to be humorous, or at least useful because that's what works on Tik Tok . Also feel free to trend surf through your videos if you want to get more Tik Tok views . On the other hand, keep in mind that if you want to break into Tik Tok , you can't just do video replays to your liking.

You will also need to be creative by making original videos that can create a big buzz on the web. To do this, we recommend that you highlight your special talents. If you know how to dance, do not hesitate for example to do choreographies that will attract attention. Dance style videos are a hit on Tik Tok ! Do you have a special skill? An extraordinary talent? This is the time to highlight them to get more Tik Tok views .

2-  Do not desert Tik Tok for too long

Post on Tiktok

You thought that posting a video every two months was enough to break into Tik Tok ? You are on the wrong track. On Tik Tok , what works is content creation but above all content published at a regular pace. Even if you post a hot video and wait two or three months to release another, you clearly won't be able to build a Tik Tok fan base . Your Tik Tok followers will need you to post content on a regular basis.

Once you catch their attention with a funny, entertaining video, they'll expect you to post more. Otherwise, they will go elsewhere. Being ready to go from 0 to 1000 followers on Tik Tok in 15 days also means being determined to publish at least 2 videos per week. The key to breaking into Tik Tok and having views is therefore to publish good content as regularly as possible. However, the most important thing here is quality. It is therefore useless to publish content every day to the point of ignoring the quality criterion.

3-  Participate in Tik Tok challenges

Challenges are not what is missing on Tik Tok . There are almost every month. If you want to get more Tik Tok views, challenges are your best friend. Ohnanana Challenge , Buss it challenge , me kid challenge , the oreo challenge, unmakeup challenge etc. Participating in these challenges is the perfect way to increase the visibility of your videos.

Tiktok challenges

We recommend that when publishing your Tik Tok challenge videos , you add the popular hashtags associated with these challenges. By putting these trending hashtags under your Tik Tok video , it can be suggested by the algorithm to users who follow the content associated with these hashtags. Your videos will then be able to appear under new eyes and you will have a better chance of gaining subscribers.

4-  Publish at the right times

You can't post a video at 8am and expect to get Tik Tok views . Simply because the people who are supposed to watch these videos are either at work, at school or still sleeping late. To break into Tik Tok , you need to know which time slots users are most active in.

Best Timings Tiktok Posts

Generally, it is suggested to post Tik Tok videos , between 8 p.m. and midnight. This is the period when there is more traffic on this social network. With a Tik Tok, Pro account, you can also rely on Tik Tok analytics to know the times and days when your audience is online. This will prevent you from posting videos when your target is inactive.

5-  Buy followers

Buy Tiktok fans

To break into Tik Tok , you have to invest. And one of the ways to do that is to buy Tik Tok followers . Indeed the purchase of subscribers allows you to have a good size of audience before you start. It's a simple way to go from 0 to 1000 followers on Tik Tok in no time. You should know that Tik Tok users prefer to subscribe to content creators who already have a large audience.

In other words, even if you post an entertaining video and only have 200 subscribers, people will be reluctant to follow you. On the other hand, if you already have a good base of followers, it will encourage them to subscribe to your account. Buying Tik Tok followers can therefore help improve the image that your Tik Tok profile sends back to users.

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