How to retain your audience on YouTube?

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You have a YouTube channel and you want to make it a real attraction? This is a brilliant idea that requires methodology and strategy. It is true that several channels on the platform have a relatively significant number of views. However, most of them do poorly in number of loyal subscribers. This is a situation that risks shortening the visibility of these channels on the famous network in the long term. What are the techniques to adopt to retain your YouTube audience? The answer here. 

Buy views and innovate in Storytelling

To reach as many Internet users as possible on YouTube, consider buying views. This rather badly perceived technique is not one because it offers essential visibility to enlarge its community. Indeed, some studies have shown that viral videos keep increasing in number of views. This virtual speculation only suits those who already have a fairly large community. But it is not impossible for you to play in the big leagues even with an average experience on the platform.

To do this, contacting specialized companies is the best option. These offer a suitable service that will allow you to naturally increase your subscribers. This strategy therefore guarantees you to make an effective and decisive purchase of youtube views to retain your visitors. Also, contrary to what you think, a good part of your audience is attentive to the stories that are specific to you. Sharing these experiences is therefore a way to create a bridge between you and your community.

For example, telling a rather comical anecdote, but relevant to the choice of an article, can lead other potential customers to make a better choice. Once established, this connection is a perfect way to retain your audience. Other Youtubers, on the other hand, choose to create a story where a fictional character is played . Subdivided into several episodes, the scenarios remain very close to reality. They offer content that interests the target audience. Internet users then easily identify with the character and are ready to follow him during the various episodes of your series. You are reassured to retain many visitors to your YouTube channel and expand your community. 

Optimize content at the end of each video 

Knowing how to end your videos cleverly guarantees to increase your community on the YouTube platform. In this regard, the first strategy to implement this trick is to create suspense at the end of each content. It is, moreover, a very widespread option in the cinema on the small screen. Indeed, to leave a story unresolved is to provide incomplete information to the brain. But the latter is a demanding body and finds it quite difficult to assimilate partial data. 

The Internet user who then watches one of your fragmented videos will need to follow the rest of the story. Admittedly, his need is conditioned at the start, but as the viewing progresses, he will take pleasure in viewing the content and will become a loyal subscriber to your account. The second step is to know how to announce the upcoming release . Indeed, this tactic makes your Internet users salivate while waiting for your next content.

 For example, announcing that you will be talking about an exhilarating fight between two manga characters is a strategy to alert your visitors to an anime platform. These two very effective strategies can therefore ensure that you increase the number of loyal subscribers to your YouTube channel. 

By the way, the next trick is used by the most famous Youtubers. 

Know how to exploit the demands of your audience 

For those who already feed a YouTube channel , it is common to see in the comments requests for topics that your audience cares deeply about. Very often, many Youtubers do not pay attention to it. Others also choose not to address them because of the expertise required to deal with such a theme. Unfortunately, these attitudes will make you gradually lose your virtual popularity. Offering videos that take into account the desires of your subscribers without giving in to all whims is very effective. Indeed, this technique makes it possible to install a climate of confidence in the animator and the followers . 

They will continue to visit the channel and submit video requests. As you will have understood, considering certain complaints from your audience is a catalyst for those who wish to boost the loyalty rate of their YouTube channel. In addition, do not hesitate to browse from time to time the comments present on your platform. Some Internet users who are very knowledgeable on the subject can give you very useful clues. 

These elements will serve to improve the quality of your content. It is also a source of information that can help select the subject of future videos. Thus, Internet users will be like a source of inspiration to develop quality content. 

Define an identity for your YouTube channel

Today, creating a YouTube channel is disconcertingly easy and several new channels are enriching the platform. It is therefore a very competitive market where sniffing out a path can be difficult. So, to gain audience and loyalty, it is important to stand out by creating an atypical and sensational virtual environment. Indeed, a project that is poorly crafted from the start has no chance of prospering and being successful on YouTube. You must therefore put all your intelligence and ingenuity into creating an exciting virtual universe. 

To do this, craft a custom thumbnail style . Adopt unique color codes, a different and particular font or animation. Make sure that the style is special, but above all able to attract and retain Internet users. Also, include in your presentations a speech very close to the idea that the project develops. For example, an unbridled vocabulary is not welcome in a tutorial intended for a professional audience. 

Finally, is the setting from which you are presenting content suitable? Is it a studio or part of your house? Did you choose the copy of a famous portrait or is it a poster of your rock and roll group that sits in the background? All these details make it possible to set up a special universe that will please your audience.

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