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In recent years, the publication of a video has become more and more an essential format on all social networks such as Twitter, YouTube and in particular Tik Tok. Whether it's influencers or big brands, active users can no longer do without publishing videos to dazzle the millions of social media subscribers. However, what are the good ways to adopt to make views on the Tik Tok social media? We will discuss the subject further in the lines to follow. 

how to get views on tiktok

Use relevant hashtags

On the social media Tik Tok, the use of hashtags is becoming more and more important. Indeed, they are considered one of the best ways to improve the visibility of content. This could therefore increase the number of views of each video posted on this social media. Indeed, each hashtag associated with a publication can have more positive impact on the statistics of the latter. 

By using hashtags wisely, your video posted on the tik tok social network will benefit from a better reach. It will therefore be able to reach as many active users as possible. Also, be aware that there are endless hashtags available on social networks like Tik Tok. However, each of them is associated with a specific niche. This is the main reason why it is important to ensure the proper use of hashtags, because they are relevant according to their domain. The proper use of these is very important so that the published video can have a large number of views and acquire greater visibility. 

Take for example an active user who creates fashion-themed content. He must opt ​​for hashtags that are directly related to his field of activity. Conversely, he will not be able to get more visibility on his content and become famous. However, when this influencer opts for hashtags specific to their content, the published video can attract the attention of a large number of network subscribers. This will allow him to gain followers and increase the number of active users on his professional account. 

Moreover, it is also possible to make use of Meta Tags or Best Hashtags. Thanks to these tools, you will be able to find the relevant hashtags that will perfectly suit your niche. Similarly, Meta Tags and Best Hashtag are able to provide you with the best hashtags based on your niche. Each relevant content published will therefore be able to take full advantage of their popularity to increase the number of views and gain greater visibility on this social media.

Write a compelling description

Today, many people believe that contents are the most popular things on social media Tik Tok. However, they do not know precisely the importance of a well-written description. Contrary to what you may believe, it is clear that many active users of social networks such as YouTube, Twitter and of course Tik Tok are very careful with captions. 

Indeed, the texts accompanying the videos published on social networks have a great influence on the decision of active users. This is the reason why you must imperatively optimize your Tik Tok description. More precisely, the latter must be quite precise and concise. By opting for this practice, you will be able to dazzle several followers and increase the number of potential new subscribers. 

When reading your description, active users must be piqued by curiosity. The text must be written in such a way as to attract the attention of new subscribers to watch the video. Compared to those published on the social network Insta, the descriptions on Tik Tok do not display entirely. Active users must first click on the "Read More" button to see the full content of your description. 

To attract the maximum attention of the reader, it is strongly recommended to introduce the relevant keywords at the beginning of your description. To get more visibility, for example, you can add titles to your description in order to keep in suspense subscribed users likely to be interested in it. It must therefore be deduced that the production of a quality video is not enough to develop your community and have a renowned commitment. Specifically, you need to write relevant text in order to convince active subscribers to watch your video. This is a good practice for gaining fame through published content. 

Publish the video at the right time

To have a relevant number of views on your Tik Tok video, it is imperative to have a perfect knowledge of the hours when the audience of your account is present on the social network. Indeed, you must publish your content at the right time in order to obtain more visibility. To achieve this, do a perfect analysis of your account statistics in order to find the times when the frequency of visibility is on the rise. By posting your video for a specific period of time, you will increase your chances of getting a significant number of views. Which will allow you to gain popularity, because the relevant content published will have a better reach. At the same time, you will be able to chat with active subscribers and grow your community. 

Also, know that you only have a few minutes to gain engagement if your content is relevant. Indeed, if several active subscribers react to a video published after a few minutes, then the content will gain influence. More precisely, the Tik Tok algorithm automatically considers this content as relevant. He will therefore be able to display it on the news feed of several subscribed users. At the same time, the number of views of your video will increase considerably in a natural way. This will allow you to become popular and increase the number of subscribed users of your account. 

Conversely, if after publishing, several active subscribers do not react on your video in the first minutes, then you cannot obtain a large number of views. Specifically, the published content cannot have more influence on the Tik Tok algorithm. Which will also not allow you to gain new subscribers and become famous on this social media. 

In view of all this information, it is therefore essential to know the ideal moment when your audience is present on this social network. In this way, your content will be able to: 

  • To increase its influence on the Tik Tok algorithm; 
  • To have comments; 
  • To become more popular; 
  • To gain commitment; 
  • To achieve a large number of views; 
  • To have an increased virality; 
  • To quickly increase the notoriety of your account; 
  • Expand the number of new subscribers; 
  • Obtain a real engagement rate; 
  • Etc. 

In addition, many studies have been carried out by web marketing agencies. According to these, the publication of content must be carried out from Monday to Friday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Web marketing agencies considered that the times listed above are considered better for the published contents to become more famous on Tik Tok. However, you may well not conform to this estimate. As mentioned above, the ideal would be to do a careful analysis of your account in order to find the period when your niche is present on this social network. To achieve this, your research must specifically be based on your audience report. Thanks to this practice, you will be able to obtain more visibility, accompanied by a good rate of engagement on each of your relevant contents. 

Make use of paid options

Today, it is perfectly possible to increase the number of views of videos posted on the Tik Tok social media for free. To achieve this, you just need to implement all the solutions listed above. However, if you want to make money with your tik tok account, the ideal would be to opt for paid solutions. 

For a few years, it has been possible to buy followers on Facebook in order to build up a solid subscriber base.  At the same time, active users have the opportunity to buy YouTube views to increase the virality of their content. This practice is beautiful and well available on the tik tok social network. 

Indeed, you can perfectly opt for the purchase of thousands of views or millions of subscribers in order to gain notoriety. This practice offers several advantages to any influencer. By buying interesting views on specialized sales platforms, you will be able to restore visibility to your content. Similarly, major brands may contact you so that you can offer them sponsored content. However, it is important to ensure that the purchased views do not come from the fake accounts. At this level, everything must be put in place to choose the platform for the exchange of views. More specifically, check its credibility by consulting the opinions submitted by users who have already used its service. Conversely, be aware that fake accounts will not allow you to gain notoriety. On the contrary, you will have a bad engagement rate. 

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