How to record a youtube video?

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How to record a youtube video?

Youtube is a video and music hosting site. This content is accessible to users of the platform through a Google account. For various reasons youtube site blocked saving videos to external storage. However, many Internet users wish to obtain the files of the content they watch on Youtube. On the internet, there are solutions to save a youtube video in order to watch it later. What are the tips for doing this? Answers in this guide.

Save youtube video with SaveTube web tool

SaveTube is an internet tool programmed to help save youtube videos . It is actually a site to download music or a video posted on a youtube page. The video recording is done without software, because you have to use the url address of the content to be recorded. Use the browser of your choice to go to youtube. 

Then search for your video on this search engine and start watching the content. Once the youtube platform player is open, right-click on the video sequences to copy the url of the video. Then open a new tab in your browser to paste the url into the search bar. At this point, place the mouse pointer just after the www. and click in space. 

Now write in front of the three ws the acronym ''SS'' or ''kiss'' to accompany the link. Press the Enter button on the keyboard to start a search. The search engine of your internet browser will identify the youtube video and redirect you to the SaveTube site. The video file is ready for download. Finally choose the best possible quality and start the video recording. 

Record a youtube video with the usual computer applications

The easiest way to download a video from Youtube is to use a common application to record the content of this video. Using download software is a free video recording solution to watch video in offline playback mode.

Use the Opera internet browser 

The developers of the Opera internet browser have set up a basic system for recording a youtube video. All you have to do is install the download button, an add-on to transform the browser into a download software . The extension to install can be found when you search via the web browser. 

After installing the extension, the youtuber can go to youtube and start watching a video he wants to record. The previously installed add-on adds an arrow button to the browser to download youtube videos. Click the arrow to record youtube video or download music. Choose the best possible quality to save the file to your computer.

Use the Mozilla desktop web browser

The Mozilla web browser has an add-on to record a youtube video. This extension contained under the name Add-ons allows you to download video in Mp4 format or download music in mp3. After installing the firefox internet browser extension, you will see a download button visible under videos on Youtube . 

To make the video recording, press the button after launching the viewing of the content of this video. The browser asks the user to choose the quality of the file that will be saved on your computer. Choose the storage location of the video and the internet connection takes care of saving the file. 

record youtube video using vlc media player 

For Internet users who don't know, VLC Media Player is a media file player that allows you to play network streams. This means that the software allows you to watch a video on youtube through the internet connection. Vlc also allows you to download youtube videos using their url address. 

Install vlc and start playing the video to record

Internet users who do not have a reader  having installed the VLC media player can download the application with an internet browser like Chrome . The download software installation files are easy to run. After this preliminary phase, you have to go to youtube to copy the url of the video to save.

Once you have the url address of the Youtube video , open VLC and press the Media or File button. It is located at the top of the software taskbar. A drop-down menu appears and you select the Open Network Stream option. At this point, you must paste the url of the video in the field reserved for this maneuver and then click open or play.

Video recording process with vlc

The previous step is to watch the video with network stream mode. It is necessary to record a youtube video with vlc. Indeed, when the content of this video is in progress, you must open the Tools menu, also called Window. This space provides access to digital information relating to the video being viewed. 

Click the Media Info button to see the metadata for the youtube video. This space contains a URL visible in the Location field. This is the download link of the media file. Then open a new tab in the Chrome or Mozilla web browser and paste the url into the search space. After launching the search, right-click on the content being played and select Save youtube video.

Youtube Mp4 to record youtube video

The majority of Internet users use web solutions to record a youtube video. Among the options available to download youtube videos online, there is YouTubeMp4 Video converter. This is a website that converts audio and video network streams from the Youtube platform into a real file.

To download a video or download music with YouTubeMp4, you must first check the content availability of this video on the download site. Because of this, you have to go to youtube to copy the url of the youtube video. Open a tab in the chrome web browser to paste the url address in the site search field and start the content identification by clicking on Convert. 

In reality, this process allows the site to check if the youtube video that the user wishes to download is accessible. The process also prepares content for video recording. Thus, when the verification is completed, a thumbnail of the video appears with the Download button. Press the button to save the video. 

Use download site is a website set up to help Internet users make a direct download of youtube videos . The site also allows you to download music or upload a video to audiovisual content hosting sites such as Vimeo and Daily Motion. To save youtube videos with this web tool, you need to download the helper add-ons application. 

It is an extension of the site that the Internet user can add to his chrome or Mozilla web browser to launch downloads effortlessly. So, start by downloading the site plugin from the Add to Chrome icon when you access the website homepage. After installing this plugin, restart your browser so that the Download button is visible next to the youtube videos you are watching.

Press the button to save youtube video, but choose the best possible quality in the offered video formats . Then save the file by clicking Save. It is possible to make a video recording with using the url address of the youtube video. Just paste the url in the search box on site to find the content of this video.

Save youtube video through YouTube Download site

YouTube Download is an internet tool dedicated to recording youtube videos. The web platform is a site to download youtube music or video. Indeed, it allows to save the content of this video in several formats and to save an unlimited number of video files. The user performs the download without watching any advertisement. 

Using YouTube Download is simple, as all you have to do is go to youtube to take the url address of the video to save. The next step is to paste the url in the space dedicated to research on the site. Do a search so that the site identifies the content of the youtube video to prepare for its conversion into several formats. 

Once the operation is completed, press the Generate a link button which is next to the available formats. Thus, YouTube Download generates the download link which it places under the Download button. To save the video at this point, just click this icon to save the youtube video in Mp4 format or the music in Mp3 format.

Use site to record youtube video

The secure platform is a website programmed for video recording. It allows web users to upload saved video or music to Youtube social media. With this web tool it is possible to get the content of this video in the best possible quality. 

First start by copying the URL of the youtube video to paste it on the site.  The process makes it possible to generate a file in Mp4 or Mp3 format to save the content. You have to choose the quality of the video; i.e. playback speed or resolution. In principle, the site provides a list to make your selection. After your choice, press the Start button to start converting youtube video. When the process is complete, you must  click on the Download option to save the file. 

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