How to get the blue badge on Instagram?

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It finally happened! Since August 2018, to the joy of people wishing Instagram certification , the "Instagram holy grail"  is now at your fingertips, you can make a request from the application.

The blue badge present on the account of personalities active on the social network is for many a means of promotion. The reason why account verification was put in place is to protect public persons and thus prevent identity theft. The blue badge is an instagram certification to ensure that the person you follow is beautiful and the real one and that it is not a "fake".

This particularity also exists on Facebook and twitter. Indeed, you can directly request the obtaining of the " badge ", The teams study your request and if it is accepted, your account is verified . On Instagram, there was previously no way to obtain it by request, the allocation was at the discretion of the teams. Now you can make a request directly from the application.  Obtaining is not systematic, it is submitted to the teams who will follow it up or not. We are going to give you some tips to increase your chances of being certified when you apply.

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Why apply?

Some arguments in favor of the request:

  1. The badge will give you more credibility and show your followers that you are a celebrity
  2. It is a perfect marketing tool, it will give you a brand image .
  3. Your account will attract even more subscribers .
  4. Your account will be protected from identity theft

Before making your request, make sure that:

  1. Your account brings together a fairly large community of subscribers
  2. Your bio is neat and evokes your field (artistic, professional, etc.)
  3. Your account has an age
  4. There is an activity (publications, interactions...)

How to apply?

1. Go to your application in the menu, go to "Settings"

instagram certificate

2. Then go to “request verification”

instagram certificate
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3. Complete your application and send it for verification

instagram certificate

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  • Killian

    C’est vraiment que la vérification Instagram (Le fameux badge bleu) est un outil surpuissant. Etre mieux référencé dans les recherches c’est logiquement un nombre de personne qui visitent votre profil qui augmente et donc plus d’abonnés. Ce serait bien qu’Instagram lève un peu le voile sur les critère de certification… Je trouve ca plutôt opaque et aléatoire, ce me dérange un peu !

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