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Would you like to increase your number of followers on Tik Tok ? Social network very popular today by young people but also by older people, Tik Tok currently has more than 600 million users. If the platform appeals to content creators who want to become influencers , it also attracts brands who want to increase their visibility through social networks. It's no longer a secret, to break into this social network and increase your number of Tik Tok followers , you have to create original, useful and entertaining content. Knowing how to sell not only through its content but also through the quality of its image are essential elements to have more subscribers. How to gain followers on Tik Tok? It is precisely this question that we will try to answer in this article. If you are aiming to increase your number of Tik Tok followers quickly , these solutions could be very useful for you.

1-      Post content to your Tik Tok account

This is the first rule to apply to gain notoriety on the Chinese application. On Tik Tok like on all other social networks, content is king. If you want to see your number of followers increase, you will therefore have to publish content. This is the best way to attract new subscribers. Of course, it's not just a matter of posting a single video every two months in the hope of gaining Tik Tok followers . You need to be pretty regular in your content creation process.

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Indeed, posting original and entertaining content on Tik Tok quite often gives you a better chance of being discovered by users. Indeed, each time you publish a video, you are likely to reach a new audience. If these people like your content, they will naturally subscribe to your Tik Tok account. It is therefore in your best interest to be regular if you want to acquire a large number of followers on Tik Tok as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, being regular does not mean that you will have to publish anything and everything. On the contrary, think and think about qualitative content that may appeal to the audience of Tik Tok. It is better to publish only one quality video per week than to broadcast low value-added content every day to which your potential subscribers will remain indifferent.

2-      Participate in Tik Tok challenges to increase your followers

Tik Tok owes its success in particular to its many challenges and the videos that follow. Indeed, it is one of the most interesting things about Tik Tok. Fun and entertaining, Tik Tok challenges attract people. Everyone wants to see more and many people want to try it. It is therefore no longer a secret, the challenges on Tik Tok benefit from a large audience.


If you want to gain subscribers on Tik Tok , this is a box you will have to go through. By participating in the challenges you will gain visibility and your videos will benefit from a better reach. So find interesting Tik Tok challenges , adapt them to your sauce and it should help you to have a bigger audience. Are you a business owner? Do not hesitate to involve your employees in the challenges. Tik Tok users love to see professionals come out of their usual cocoon and show that they can be cool too. As a brand, this is an opportunity for you to gain exposure and gain followers on Tik Tok .

3-      Combine business with pleasure to increase your followers on Tik Tok

Looking for how to gain followers on Tik Tok ? Try to publish useful content for users while remaining in the playful spirit of the social network. Indeed, on Tik Tok, consumers like to learn, discover new tips, etc. This is a niche to exploit if you want to increase your follower count on this social network. Whether it's health, wellness, beauty, or fashion, etc., find a topic you're good enough at and create tutorial videos or post how-to videos on Tik Tok .

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These How to-style contents have the particularity of being useful and bringing value to users on almost all social networks. This is also the reason why accounts that rely on this type of content manage to get out of the game. You too, try to respond to the concerns of your target audience, to link the pleasant to the useful in order to easily gain new Tik Tok followers.

4-      Share your content outside of Tik Tok

Even influencers who already have thousands of followers do it, so why not you? If you are present on instagram, Facebook or other social networks, you can always share your Tik Tok videos there. This is indeed a good way to redirect your different audiences to Tik Tok.

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Whether on instagram or even on Facebook, it is quite possible to publish your Tik Tok videos there. And if they appeal to members of your community or users on other social networks, they will seek to discover your Tik Tok account and subscribe to it. To gain followers on Tik Tok , so do not post only on Tik Tok. But also think about promoting your content on other social networks.

5-      Comment on influencer posts on Tik Tok

Looking for how to get more followers on Tik Tok ? It is not by staying in your little bubble that you will get there. Beyond creating content, consider subscribing to influencer accounts on Tik Tok . Like their videos but above all leave comments on the publications. By interacting with these influential accounts, you are somehow improving your visibility on Tik Tok.

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We also recommend that you try to stand out by posting an original and creative comment that will capture the attention of users. They will be able to take an interest in your profile and even subscribe to your Tik Tok account if you make good content. So consider interacting with influential accounts as this could help you in optimizing your number of Tik Tok followers .


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