How to enable comments on youtube?

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How to enable comments on youtube?

how to enable comments on youtube

Comments on YouTube are the weapons that allow the youtuber to stay in touch with his target audience. They are the right instruments to interact with subscribers to the youtube channel. For various reasons, the settings for comments on Youtube are subject to control, even a notorious restriction.

The platform grants the right to the promoter of a youtube channel to deactivate the default account settings to not receive comments from followers. However, sometimes Youtube's algorithms disable this feature. How to enable comments on youtube? Response elements.

enable comments on youtube via computer

The process of activating comments on Youtube from a computer is a maneuver that the youtuber can undertake manually. It allows channel subscribers to leave their opinions or suggestions about the content of a posted video.

Change Default Youtube Comment Settings

In general, commenting permission is enabled by default as soon as a youtuber finishes creating a youtube channel. When this is not the case, there are a few steps to follow to activate this mode. Go to youtube studio by entering your Google account access. From the main menu in the upper left corner, click Account Settings.

In the configurations section, the user must open the Community menu , then the Default settings in the Comments section. Enable default mode to allow comments on your video channel . To activate comments on youtube via a computer, it is imperative to go through an Internet browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla.

When the community tab is not available on the Youtube channel

In the account settings section , some youtube channels do not have the Community tab. Thus, it is impossible for the youtuber to directly access the Default settings of the Comments section.

To proceed with the activation of comments on youtube, youtubers in this situation must open the New videos tab. Next, tap the Comments button on your new videos to select the default settings. Enable default mode to allow comments on youtube videos.

Enable youtube comments via smartphone or tablet

It is possible to activate the comments on youtube through the Youtube application on a smartphone or a tablet. However, social media does not allow activating default settings to always allow comments and reviews for all new videos. With these devices, the youtube user can only enable this option for one youtube video at a time.

To successfully activate this mode, you must go to youtube . Then click the Main Menu icon to open the Content menu. At this level, select the thumbnail of the video on which you want to enable comments on Youtube. Press the button that looks like a pencil to access the Comments and Reviews section. Set activation and Save changes.

Enable Youtube comments for specific videos

The Youtube platform gives the possibility to the youtuber to manually activate comments for specific youtube videos. This means that you can disable the display of comments for content of your choice.

This activation mode can be configured when you want to upload a video to the youtube channel. To enable youtube comments for a video posted to your channel, navigate to the Content icon after opening your Google Account in a web browser tab.

Then click on the thumbnail of the youtube video being edited and scroll down the page. Check the More options or More tab to open the Comments and reviews menu . In these settings, configure the appropriate settings to enable comments on youtube. Finally, save the changes by clicking the Save button.

Organize the display of comments on Youtube

Enabling comments on Youtube is a standard process provided in google services . These account settings also include the organization of the display of comments sent by followers after views on youtube .

Enable automatic display of comments under youtube videos

It is possible to indicate if you want the comments to appear systematically on the youtube channel or if they should appear after your approval. YouTubers have the option not to post until they have been approved. This organization of the display makes it possible to examine in advance the opinions left by the millions of subscribers to your youtube channel. It is possible to configure these settings just after activating comments on a youtube video.

Change the default display order of comments on the youtube channel

It is possible to go to youtube to change the order in which comments left by users of the platform will be displayed. To do this, you must open the settings menu of the youtube channel in order to organize the sorting of reviews according to their relevance or their date of addition on the youtube page. To make these settings, sign in to YouTube Studio with Google Account credentials.

Then select the Content icon from the drop-down menu on the left. At this point, the youtuber can choose the youtube video he wants to set up by clicking on its thumbnail. Continue the procedure by scrolling down the tab page to press the MORE button and open the Comments and reviews section. In this section, select the Sort by icon and choose between the criteria: the most recent or the best rated. Save the changes by clicking Save.

How YouTube comment settings work

Disabling comments for a Youtube channel is sometimes an automatic maneuver that the platform's algorithms perform for various reasons. To remedy this, YouTubers need to understand how YouTube commenting settings work.

Automatic disabling of comments on children's video channels

Without your intervention, Youtube disables comments when the youtube channel is for animations designed for children. In this regard, social media deletes comments sent by subscribers on videos already posted. The algorithms perform this after thirty days from the date the youtube channel is set as made for kids. This action occurs when the youtuber had not configured his target audience when creating a youtube channel.

Automatic disabling of comments for private videos

Also, comments are systematically disabled for a video posted in private mode. When you upload content to Youtube with a restriction of public access, fans are not able to comment. To remedy this, the platform offers to publish an unlisted video in order to activate comments in private mode.

The case of youtube algorithms malfunctioning

The automatic disabling of comments on a string can cause the source codes to malfunction. Sometimes the default settings for comments are turned off even though the youtube channel is following commenting policies.

Other Automatic Maneuvers on Youtube Comments

The activation of comments on Youtube makes it possible to systematically receive the opinions given by subscribers to the channel. These comments are visible and the youtuber can consult them in the Published tab on the Comments page. When certain expressions are likely to be spam, the algorithms automatically list these reviews under the Under Review tab.

These comments classified as spam are saved for a maximum of 60 days on YouTube Studio. Youtubers have the opportunity to check the quality of the comment sent, before publishing it on their youtube channel. In addition, the Youtube platform can arbitrarily delete inappropriate comments and those classified as spam by Internet users.

The Youtube site considers that these opinions do not respect the rules of the community. The video hosting site has the ability to audition so-called inappropriate comments in over a hundred different languages. When these notices are sent in the review tab, the youtuber has sixty days to decide their fate.

Youtube comment moderation

After enabling comments on youtube, google services include their moderation. This is indeed the verification and configuration of comment parsing.

Check for inappropriate comments

The algorithms of the youtube platform classify certain comments under the Under Review tab. This action indicates that the youtuber must carry out a personal analysis on these opinions in order to decide whether to display or delete them. This verification is possible via the Youtube Studio tool, because the comments are not visible on the watch page of a video.

Enable high security level

To benefit from a higher level of protection regarding the sorting of comments, Youtube offers the user to activate the Increase severity option. This setting allows potential inappropriate comments to be further identified for review.

This is indeed an option that allows you to moderate comments more rigorously. To activate the additional protection, go to youtube Studio and open Account Settings in the upper left corner. Tap the Community button to open the Default Settings menu.

Choose the Review potentially inappropriate comments before they are posted option and click the Increase severity icon. Save changes to enable verification. It is also possible to add a list of keywords to block when these terms or expressions appear in a comment.

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