How many views to earn money on youtube?

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Earning a living with YouTube is possible, because there are many solutions to monetize the views of subscribers to the channel. This video hosting site launched in 2005 in the United States has become a central marketing platform for online advertising. Many companies use the youtube channels of competent influencers to promote a product or service. To take advantage of this market, many youtubers decide to make money with the monetization of views on the social network. This guide presents the ideal average number of views to obtain your first gains on Youtube. 

how many views to earn money on youtube

Earn money on Youtube from 1000 views

The Youtube platform offers concerned youtubers the means to earn money from views. The monetization of views obtained on a Youtube channel is a fairly complex universe. Just remember that to earn money with a posted video, you have to succeed in making 1000 interesting views on the advertisements . Indeed, these data relate to the viewing of a video incorporating advertising sequences. 

The Youtube algorithms delegated to the monetization of youtubers work on the basis of two sensitive pieces of information. These are Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) and Revenue Per Thousand Views (RPM). CMP is a data related to advertisers and RPM refers to the advertising revenue generated by a youtuber who creates video content on youtube .

Based on these elements, the number of views that you should ideally have to start generating income is 1000. Nevertheless, it must be understood that a view on Youtube does not systematically lead to a gain in income. In this regard, the youtube view counter incorporates an algorithm that counts the viewing time of advertisements .

What is the Cost Per Thousand Impressions?

The best way to make money on Youtube is to participate in the social network's monetization program. In reality, the ads earn money that advertisers pay to run their ad footage while watching a video . Companies then set a cost per thousand impressions. 

The CMP is centered on advertising organizations. It is made up solely of advertising revenue paid to run advertisements on videos. In this regard, advertisers pay a fixed amount for 1000 impressions collected, each time the advertisement is broadcast on Youtube. Thus, the CMP is available to all Youtubers who participate in the Youtube site monetization program.

Also, there is another variation of the cost per thousand impressions. Indeed, the CPM based on the plays is a criterion used to determine the number of views when the users of youtube must watch a video integrating several advertisements. In this case, the viewing time of the posted video must include an advertisement.

What is Revenue Per Thousand Views (RPM)? 

Creating views on your Youtube channel allows you to generate income calculated on the basis of Revenue per thousand views. RPM is a metric that determines the amount to be paid to Youtubers who create videos on youtube. This calculation algorithm takes into account the advertising revenue earned and the gains obtained through the various monetization solutions on Youtube.

In reality, a youtubeur can earn money with : 

  • ads, 
  • paid subscriptions,
  • Super Cats or Stickers and
  • the YouTube Premium subscription. 

Product placement and merchandising are all  solutions to generate income on Google's video hosting site. However, they are not included in the RPM calculation to bring back the money you have earned.

How youtube monetization system works per thousand

A lot of youtubers make their living from showing ads on their Youtube channel . After joining the YouTube Partner Program by opening a Google adsense account, it is now possible to make money based on the number of views. However, the amount of ad revenue depends on CPM and RPM. 

Unstable Cost Per Thousand Impressions

CPM is an unstable metric, whose value depends on different factors. Achieving millions of views comes in handy, when the amount paid by advertisers for a thousand youtube views is attractive. On this subject, the geographical area, the country of residence of the youtuber and the type of advertisements impact the cost per thousand impressions. When advertisers invest more money for interesting views, the youtuber can expect a more consistent RPM. 

Revenue volatility per thousand views

Like CPM, revenue per thousand views is an unstable metric. It depends on the monetization strategy implemented by the youtuber . In the way, the best way to earn a high RPM is to create a youtube channel to exploit all or most of the monetization solutions on Youtube. The many views have no financial impact if you do not activate monetization for a posted video for example.

How to calculate the cost per thousand and estimate the revenue per thousand interesting views? 

The monetization of youtube views is managed by the Google Adsense platform, which is responsible for remunerating youtubers who are members of the YouTube Partner Program. Computer codes assign the best CMPs to the best youtube channels . Thus, the youtube channel having more subscribers enjoys well-paid ads from advertisers . 

In general, the thousand views saves 80 cents. However, youtube channels with an average of one million subscribers and more can receive a CPM set at 8 euros on average. Thus, this youtuber can earn around 8000 euros when the posted video reaches one million views . Regarding, estimating RPM one should use the formula RPM is equal to estimated revenue divided the number of page views, then multiply the result by 1,000. 

On Youtube, the activation of advertising revenue to earn money makes it possible to show different types of advertising sequences during the viewing of a video. In this regard, there are ads that cannot be deactivated and others that the Internet user can deactivate. Also, some forms of advertisements are displayed in the video suggestions bar…

Some tricks to earn money with the interesting views on YouTube

The majority of youtubers and youtube users think that a Youtube channel can monetize millions of views in thousands of euros. It is quite possible. Nevertheless, the youtube video creator must develop a good monetization strategy. 

Select an average of two monetization solutions

Although advertising revenue can be interesting, it would be wise to add a second means of remuneration on Youtube. Thus, the youtuber can improve his RPM by increasing these total revenues. Diversifying earning sources based on interesting views is an intuitive solution to generate impressive income . Then choose from the many options available to earn money . 

Enable monetization for all new videos

It's a good idea for the youtuber to consider creating a youtube channel to then create views and monetize those youtube views . To achieve its goal, the user of the video hosting site must enable monetization when posting videos. Allowing the youtube channel to manage settings to make money is a mandatory action to generate revenue from views. Thus, configure your youtube page to automatically activate monetization for all new videos posted. 

Choose all types of advertisements

To earn a lot of money with advertising revenue , the ideal solution is to activate all categories of advertisements on Youtube . By doing so, the youtuber can take advantage of all the low and interesting CMPs paid by advertisers . Thus, you can monetize the millions of views when an advertisement is broadcast on your youtube channel . This trick represents a perfect way to take advantage of the many views. 

Each monetization solution has specific eligibility criteria

Before starting to monetize the youtube views obtained thanks to your followers , you must have accumulated 4000 hours of viewing and a thousand subscribers on your Youtube channel. Apart from these basic conditions, Youtube has established a number of mandatory principles to generate income on monetization solutions.

Enabling monetization of the Super Chat and Super Stickers service

The eligibility conditions and the rules of the Super Chat and Super Stickers remuneration service on Youtube are specified in the conditions of use of the platform. In this regard, this service to earn money works in certain countries. Also, the youtuber must enable live chat online for the feature to work.

Set up YouTube Premium service monetization 

The youtube platform has created the YouTube Premium service to allow youtube users to watch streaming video on the site without following advertisements . To take advantage of it, youtube subscribers must pay a few euros. If the youtuber intends to monetize the youtube views of the premium accounts, it is enough to activate the service and create videos for this category of users.

Enable Ad Revenue Service 

If you plan to be paid for viewing advertisements on your youtube channel, the sinequanone condition is to make new videos without duplicate content. Indeed, copying and pasting other youtube videos does not allow the youtuber to take advantage of this option of monetizing views on youtube .

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