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The YouTube video hosting site is a social platform that Internet users use to search for information about a good or service. It allows many users to make a purchase decision, to discover a new product or a new brand. Faced with the success of the social network, many natural and legal persons create a Google adsense account in order to seize the opportunities of internet buzz on youtube. To be successful in this field, there are some common mistakes that should be avoided in running a Youtube channel. Point !

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Lack of patience to achieve success

Before embarking on the creation of a youtube channel , many youtubers make the mistake of believing that the results are systematic. Remember that the youtube platform is a marketing tool. Because of this, the success of a youtube channel depends on several key factors. To make interesting views , you have to think about informing and engaging your audience through different marketing actions. 

Thus, the publication of new videos is a methodical and strategic operation. Professional Youtubers who get thousands of views like Cyprien and squeezie , develop a marketing strategy to increase the number of subscribers tenfold. Thus, influencers on Youtube acquire their fame by showing consistency over time. Patience is therefore the first rule of the youtubeur.

Technical errors relating to the production of youtube videos

The creation of a channel implies that the web videographer is responsible for publishing videos on youtube. To make views , youtube user must avoid some common mistakes when making new videos.

Shoot in portrait mode

The majority of beginner youtubers film the scenarios of their youtube videos with a smartphone. In doing so, many make the mistake of filming the scenes by placing the phone vertically. The camera then records in portrait mode, which is not a suitable viewing format for the youtube platform . It is recommended to film horizontally with the rear camera of the smartphone. Thus, your Youtube video will be displayed in landscape mode; or in 16/9 format on Youtube.

Not preparing video content

To make a new video , the web videographer or Youtuber must write their script. Indeed, preparing the content of this video is a step in the process of making a youtube video. This work consists of researching your theme in order to master the subjects you are dealing with. Also, the youtube user should work out a presentation timeline before they start shooting the videos for their youtube channel .

Don't do reps

A monumental mistake YouTubers make when making new videos is not rehearsing their script. Indeed, the rehearsals before the shooting allow you to know the text by heart to avoid blanks during the shooting of the new video . Also, before the publication of a video it is useful to train to play the roles of actors in order to improve. The youtubeur can film the exercise sessions, which he will watch in order to refine his gestures. 

Film full youtube video

A video visible on youtube is made up of several sequences of short videos assembled with video editing software . So don't make the mistake of filming an entire youtube video. The best trick is to record small scenes of a few seconds or minutes. Then edit to get the duration of the final video . 

Forget the mic

Although your camera or smartphone has a high-performance microphone, it is useful to provide a lavalier microphone to better record the voice. In reality, many Youtubers do not use this equipment during filming. However, the publication of a video with a bad sound quality affects youtube views .

Neglecting the quality of the posted video

To get interesting views in the digital age , the quality of the video posted is a criterion  essential. Many youtubers neglect this parameter on their youtube channel . To get the best quality youtube video, you have to shoot in a 4k format. Also, Full-HD (High Definition) audiovisual content is acceptable on to increase the number of youtube views tenfold.

Use copyrighted music

It is true that the use of music in the background in a video on youtube can make many views . However, Youtube is able to recognize copyrighted Mp3 music. Thus, it is not recommended to publish a video on your youtube channel with background music without having the right to broadcast. Go for copyright free mp3 tracks. 

Errors relating to the animation of the youtube channel

Creating a youtube channel means that the Youtuber must animate his youtube channel . To maintain channel subscribers , some common mistakes should be avoided.

Lack of niche or goals for the video channel

Before making a youtube channel , the user must identify a niche . It is indeed a public or a community to which you address the videos on youtube in order to provide an answer to a need. Thus, the videos published on the youtube page must contain the solution or solutions to a problem that you have chosen. Also, it is important for the Youtuber to define the objectives of the posted video ; i.e. what youtube users will remember after watching a video . 

Neglecting the Seo referencing of the youtube channel

When you choose your themes without taking into account the interest for the followers, the algorithms of YouTube penalize the yuoutube channel in the search results. To avoid these notorious errors, professional youtubers identify keywords and hashtags  principals sought by their niche. Thus, they choose the interesting subjects according to the centers of interest of the subscribers to the chain .

Making duplicate content (plagiarism)

Successful youtube influencers avoid copying and pasting content from other youtubers . This action is called duplicate content. The repetition of information from a video posted on Youtube is plagiarism. This bad action is sanctioned by the search engine algorithm. Also, subscribers to the channel are looking for a new video that brings them added value. Therefore, the exclusivity of the content of this video is the ideal trick to increase the number of views on youtube .

Not having a posting frequency

Specialist youtubers have understood that to attract new followers, you have to publish videos on a regular basis. Indeed, you must animate the youtube channel with a new video every week. Because, the algorithms of the youtube platform consider the regularity of publications to offer youtube channels to youtube users . As well,  posting on youtube regularly keeps the number of its subscribers. 

Community management errors 

The regular animation of a youtube channel makes it possible to create a stable community. These youtube users are subscribers to the channel that must be kept by applying certain rules.

Not capturing the attention of followers

The attention economy is an important issue on social media . It consists of capturing the concentration of visitors in a few seconds at the start of viewing a video . To achieve this, the youtuber must start by explaining the added value of the posted video . Likewise, it helps to impress upon channel subscribers the benefits of watching the video till the end. Thus, prepare a nice introduction for the launch of the new video .

Avoid storytelling

On Youtube, storytelling is a marketing technique that increases the number of subscribers . So¸ not using this strategy to create a strong relationship with channel subscribers is a big mistake. In this regard, telling a personal or fictional story to followers is a sweet approach to captivate the attention of youtube users . Thus, you can narrate on the Youtube channel the story of the evolution of your company.

Mismanaging your brand image

When a user finds himself on your YouTube channel to watch a video , he must understand where he is. However, the brand image is the identity card of the Youtubeur on social media. As such, you must publish a corporate video that captures the interest of visitors. It is indeed a Youtube video intended for the presentation of your youtude channel and its values. This approach makes it possible to make interesting views on Youtube .

Neglecting youtube channel moderation

Many companies present on the platform neglect the moderation of their youtube channel. It is a function of the community manager that falls to the youtuber , because the moderation of comments is a key action in the management of social media. In general, after watching a video, some youtube users give their opinion to share feedback. It is essential to comment on the video to respond to these positive or negative interventions from the virtual audience.

Ignore the competition

YouTube is a video platform that has several youtube channels generated by youtubers who inform an identical niche. Faced with the exponential number of youtube pages that address similar topics, youtube users select the youtube channel that responds well to their questions. So, neglecting the competition is a serious mistake that affects your marketing strategy. 

Competitive intelligence on Youtube is a marketing solution to provide useful information to Internet users. These web visitors can watch hours of video when they are looking for specific information on a general theme. Thus, monitoring the competition can identify weaknesses in the content of video posted by other videographers . Likewise, the marketing tool serves to improve your presentations by observing the techniques of competing youtubers . 

In addition, regular monitoring of the competition is an ideal way to analyze the impact of your marketing strategy on your audience. It is indeed a question of watching this video to appreciate the results on your new youtube channel compared to a competing youtube channel . Thus, measure the engagement rate to assess the performance of the posted video .

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