Having more Tik Tok followers: 5 trends to follow in 2022

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Although its creation dates back a short time, Tik Tok is one of the main social networks. The platform has succeeded in breaking records in a few months and is positioning itself quite easily. The phenomenon has especially grown since the health crisis that has been raging since 2020.

 Today, it is almost impossible to put aside this platform and its influence in the field of digital marketing. To position themselves, many are looking for the right techniques to have more followers every time. If you are in the same case, the answers to your questions can be found here. Discover here 5 important trends to follow in 2022 to have Tik Tok followers. 

Popular dance choreographies 

Dance has always been present on Tik Tok and this trend is not ready to stop. Social network users particularly like to follow. Among the most popular content creators, those including choreography videos are numerous. It's a good way to have tik Tok followers quite easily. The choreographies are very often repeated. 

 If you want to make a place for yourself on this platform, you can use this option which will certainly be profitable for you. The impact of the phenomenon is significant and we are not ready to see tiktokers do without it in 2022. It will be even more interesting, especially since everyone has seen the influence we can take advantage of. Everyone has their own personal touch by adding elements that make the difference. From outfits made especially for the occasion to original music, every detail counts.

If you want to follow the movement, you can simply follow the old videos to be inspired. The many #dancechallenge are important resources that you can take full advantage of. Use it to get new Tik Tok followers . 

Challenges with hashtags 

Have you ever heard of hashtag challenges on Tik Tok? If you don't know much about it, now is the time to discover this 2022 trend. The challenge is quite simple and allows you to stay in touch with subscribers. It simply consists of asking users to do a specific action, filming it and then posting it online. The video must be accompanied by a hastag which is put for the occasion. 

The hastag challenge was already very present on other social networks, but it took on a new dimension with Tik Tok. Its popularity has increased significantly and we hardly ever live without it. It helps boost visibility and brands, whether small or large, use it to position themselves. Companies and stars have seen the number of likes and followers soar in a matter of days. This is undoubtedly one of the most important Tik Tok trends for 2022. 

Tik Tok videos to respond to comments

Social media users especially enjoy interacting with the accounts they follow. On this point, Tik Tok makes things simpler and allows you to have followers as naturally as possible. Indeed, the application offers users the possibility of responding to the various comments in video and with a sticker. The video response can be found in the comments of the original Tik Tok. 

This feature allows viewers to add comments to get answers in video. This is a great opportunity to attract new subscribers to your account. 

For 2022, it is a phenomenon to be exploited in order to gain popularity on the social network. You can offer users the opportunity to ask questions that you can answer on video. Artists use it  a lot and you can also take advantage of the wave to promote your creations. It is also a good way to develop your brand image and be popular. 

Use a humorous touch

With all the stress of everyday life, social media users are looking to relax. Passing on your publications with a little touch of humor goes very well with users. Short humorous videos are great for getting messages across and getting you more viewership. The format of Tik Tok videos makes things easy and can easily be adapted to any situation. 

It has therefore become common to use a funny concept that is a hit to have more followers. These are content that work and that allow each person discovering you to subscribe. A trend very well exploited by the stars and which allows them to attract each time more people. In 2022, we will find even more for even more pleasure. 

Reveal behind the scenes of the videos

Here is another method that you will have to see for 2022 and the results sometimes go beyond what you might think. The Tik Tok in which viewers can discover behind the scenes are particularly popular. They attract many curious people who, out of admiration, become followers. Viral videos requiring fairly complex tricks or transitions are viewed enough. 

You can simply follow the trend to attract new subscribers. To do this, show some key parts of the assembly. The impression of discovering exclusive content undoubtedly pleases users. To find out more, they have no choice but to subscribe. Just be creative and choose carefully which parts to reveal. If you are developing a new product, for example, you can show part of the manufacturing process. Steps in the factory process will be enough to capture attention and seduce. 

In addition to these 5 trends, you can make collaborations between content creators. To have more followers, you can exploit this trend which always works well. An association with another tiktokeur can expand your popularity. Choose the one that matches your long-term goals and vision. 

Many designer collaborations took place in 2021 with rather promising results. In 2022, things will go faster and collaborations will be more. A big potential in sight and you have to start thinking about it as soon as possible so as not to miss anything. Both parties come out on top with a method that resembles sharing subscribers.

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