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Today, earning income online is becoming one of the most popular practices on the internet. In this perspective, a series of platforms have been created to allow active users to supplement their end of the month. Among these, you will find tik tok. Compared to several other social media like Insta, Viber, Twitter or Facebook, the latter allows its users to become more popular thanks to their followers. How many followers do you need to monetize your account on Tik Tok?

How many followers on tik tok to get paid?

Today, many active users of the tik tok social network have embarked on the monetization of their account. To achieve this, you need to adopt a fairly effective social media strategy. Indeed, one of the main factors to monetize your account remains particularly the number of followers. Similarly, account monetization varies depending on the social media strategy used.

The number of subscribers to earn money on social media Tik Tok

According to comments collected from several Tik Tok influencers, you must necessarily have a minimum number of followers of 100,000 subscribers before claiming to monetize your account. In addition, you should also know that the number of views should not be neglected. Compared to a video published on YouTube, the number of views can greatly influence the amount to be collected from this social media. For example, one million views entitle us to an amount between $15 and $30. However, it is easier to reach this number of views on Tik Toc, unlike a video posted on YouTube. The length of time active users watch your video is also considered an important factor that can impact profitability more or less. Also, be aware that the amounts of money won by the public vary according to their country.

The number of subscribers for a live broadcast

To launch the live broadcast on the social media Tik Tok, it is necessary to have a minimum number of subscribers estimated at 1000 active users. This is another way to make money on this platform. During your interactions with active users in livestreaming, you may well receive gifts from them. Coins received during this live stream can be exchanged for cash. As mentioned above, the amount varies depending on the number of subscribers and the types of donations made by active users following your stream.


Sponsorship is presented as another means of monetizing your Tik Tok account. Indeed, it is possible to take full advantage of the Creators Market to benefit from sponsors. If you are a well-known influencer, then a company wishing to promote their brand may contact you. This promotion on social networks like Tik Tok will know you very profitable. To benefit from these services, your account must add 500 to 2000 subscribers per day and daily. In truth, this practice seems quite difficult to achieve. However, influencers who were already famous on other social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn can get there with ease. They will therefore be able to receive many collaboration opportunities in order to promote on social networks such as Tik Tok.

In addition, it is important to specify that this method is specifically supported in a few countries. These include Korea, USA, UAE, France, Germany, Canada, etc. There are big brands that are ready to select the right influencers on the Creator Market. In this way, they will be able to promote them on social networks. This is a good business to round off the end of the month. Similarly, profitability varies depending on the popularity of each influencer.

What are the best practices to adopt to gain subscribers?

Compared to social media Instagram, you have to adopt good ways to acquire a large number of followers on Tik Tok and gain popularity.

Offer an excellent profile

To gain followers and become popular on the social Media Tik Tok, you must first check the constitution of your profile. It is necessary to ensure that the biography of the latter is well optimized. Specifically, all personal information must be filled in perfectly in order to leave a good impression on active users. Indeed, if the name of your account is long enough to remember, subscribers will not be able to remember that you exist. Put everything in place to choose another short enough that can capture the tension of potential new subscribers. If you want to become more popular, it is not recommended to use several pseudonyms on each of your accounts on all social networks.

In addition, it is also advisable to let your new potential subscribers see the content you publish. This can be, for example, humorous or music videos. By having a great profile, you will be able to attract subscribers and more followers. This is a good action allowing you to increase your engagement rate.

Post original and entertaining content

To become popular and attract new subscribers, you must not post the same types of content as other active users. In this way, you will be able to stand out from the crowd.

Indeed, it is important to define a remarkable social media strategy. These include the one that will set you apart from other content creators no matter how you stage the video. At this level, you need to consider that each published content is unique. This is the best way for you to design a unique editorial line and quickly become popular. Thanks to this practice, you will gain subscribers and acquire the mention of influencer. This will also allow you to increase the notoriety of your account with other active users.

Simultaneously publish content on the Tik Tok social network

Simultaneously and regularly posting new videos to your Tik Tok account will allow active users to discover you. In general, it is recommended to post at least one video per day. However, the ideal would be to think about creating and maintaining a content calendar. In this way, you will be organized in each post.

The ideal would be to start by simultaneously publishing one video per week. Then you can increase the frequency after mastering the codes of video production. This is a good practice for attracting active subscribers.

Use the potential of hashtags

Compared to videos posted on Twitter and Instagram, active users of the Tik Tok social network can use hashtags perfectly. Thanks to this practice, they will be able to improve the referencing of their video in search results like Google. However, be aware that the number of hashtags to put on a video is extremely limited, unlike Instagram. So you need to choose each hashtag better so that it can help you acquire new followers.

Buy followers

Today, Mark Zuckerberg and his associates allowed active followers to buy Facebook fans. It also works on the tik tok social network. Indeed, buying followers is one of the most profitable practices allowing bloggers to make their account profitable. You can do the same to be popular on Tik Tok. Specifically, by buying followers, any active user will be able to:

  • Improve the engagement rate of his account;
  • To increase the number of its subscribers:
  • To have a substantial total of commitments;
  • To have several subscribers in a short period of time;
  • To improve your audience;
  • To acquire greater notoriety;
  • To have conversations with the community;
  • To have comments;
  • Etc.

Besides, like on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, Tik Tok also has several inactive accounts. To buy followers, you must be careful to choose the sales platform. More specifically, find out if it will allow you to have subscribers from real social media accounts. Under no circumstances should you buy from fans with fake accounts. This could deal a severe blow to boosting your e-reputation. You cannot get more visibility and be popular with fake accounts because they are inactive profiles. Likewise, your account's engagement rate will drop significantly.

Compared to the fate reserved for inactive Twitter and Facebook accounts, Tik Tok's usage policy refers to the deletion of all profiles deemed fake. By buying fake accounts, you therefore risk losing not only the subscribers, but also your account. This is the main reason why you must necessarily check the credibility of the follower sales platform before you start it. In this way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises related to your purchase.

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