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How to gain views on Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is a fun application that allows you to create and share content . With more than a billion downloads on Google Play Store , this app is very popular with young people but is also popular with older people. Currently, breaking into Tik Tok makes it possible to earn money because the application has a monetization system for content creators . Moreover, having a lot of views on Tik Tok can open the door to the world of influence. You will be able to be more famous thanks to Tik Tok , make partnerships with brands and benefit from all the advantages linked to being an influencer. How to make views on Tik Tok ? Answers to this question in 5 points.

1-  Take care of your appearance in your videos

The #1 rule to follow when you want to break into Tik Tok is to look attractive in your Tik Tok videos . Just like on Instagram , Tik Tok is a network on which aesthetics and therefore appearance have a strong role to play. If you want to become popular on Tik Tok and get more views on your videos , you will have to take this into account. People who watch your videos want to see you at your best.

Tik Tok Appearance

In addition, your content will catch the eye more easily if you appear attractive on your videos. So don't overlook this point. If you are a brand that wants to use Tik Tok to break through , showcase your products aesthetically through your videos. A content creator who wants to become a Tik Tok star ? Use a smartphone with good video quality and show the best of your personality.

The cuter you look, the more views you'll have on Tik Tok . Do not hesitate to use the different filters available on the app to enhance your image. Also take care of the quality of your content by making crisp and bright Tik Tok videos .

2-  Make collaborations with other Tiktokeurs

One of the most effective ways to get more views on Tik Tok is to collaborate with other Tiktokeurs . Collabs are at the very heart of this social network model. They allow collaborators to take advantage of their distinct community to increase their visibility. The advantage with this method is that it is advantageous for both parties who have something to gain.

Tik Tok Collab

If you are a brand, you could collaborate with another non-competing company, present on Tik Tok and which offers complementary services to yours for example. Similarly, if you have 80,000 followers on Tik Tok , for example, you can collaborate with someone who has 100,000 . So you will both come out winners.

On the other hand, if you are struggling to develop your Tik Tok community , it could be difficult for you to obtain collabs with other Tiktokeurs . This given that you will not have visibility to grant them in return since you have no audience. However, you can always try to send a message to Tik Tok nano influencers to try your luck or even ask them to respond to one of your comments under their video post. This will allow you to have visibility.

3-  Find your niche and stand out

As with all other social networks, to break into Tik Tok you must specialize in a niche that will work for you. On Tik Tok , it's not very complicated, you just have to create content based on your talents. Do you know how to dance? Play piano ? To make laugh ? Do not hesitate to highlight this through your videos. On Tik Tok , many content creators highlight their talents, their hidden skills, and it works very well for them. One of the most effective ways to get views on Tik Tok , therefore, is to showcase your special skills.

TikTok Views

Better, if you have a lookalike, or even a twin brother, a twin sister, you can start creating Tik Tok videos together. Sibling videos are wildly popular on Tik Tok ! Finally, to get more views on Tik Tok , it is also possible to make “How To” style tutorial videos . By doing so, you will contribute something useful to the community. Which will allow you to have more Tik Tok views in a short time.

4-  Make videos based on popular challenges

One of the best ways to increase views of your Tik Tok videos is to create challenge-based content. Even more interesting, you can decide to create your own challenge on Tik Tok . Even if you don't have a big influence on Tik Tok yet, it's still possible to start your own challenge. For example, you can ask your friends who are present on this network to participate. This is a good tactic to create a viral video on Tik Tok .

get more views on Tik Tok

Participating in challenges on Tik Tok and creating challenges yourself are a great way to get more views on Tik Tok . Based on this parameter alone, the algorithm of this social network can promote interactions under your videos by making your content appear in the For You feed of users.

5-  Be social to make viral videos on Tik Tok

Tik Tok is by definition a social network. It is therefore important that you can socialize to get more views on Tik Tok . You will therefore have to watch the videos of other content creators, put likes, comments, subscribe to their account, etc. Doing so will push the accounts you interact with often to do the same for you.

Tik Tok Twins

Better, commenting on the posts of other Tiktokeurs can improve your visibility, especially if you make interesting comments. Other Internet users may be tempted to click on your user name out of curiosity in order to see your content. So this is a good way to get more views for free on Tik Tok. Basically, it's just about becoming an active member of the community to hopefully get more views and likes on your Tik Tok videos .

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