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For several years, the Tik Tok platform has been one of the most popular social networks on the web. Just recently, this social media has reached a billion members with millions of users active every moment. Compared to several other social media such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, Tik Tok offers the possibility for anyone to publish content visible to other members. However, what are the 5 ideas to do on tik tok? We will discuss the subject further in the lines to follow.

Introduce your routine

To get more exposure from the millions of Tik Tok social media members, you can start by showcasing your routine. As one of the most popular social networks, Tik Tok offers an exceptional quality of life. For example, you can share slices of your life. This is a perfect opportunity to present the authenticity of your content on this social media. By opting for this practice, you will give insight into your daily life. This strengthens the close link with a large number of users of this social network. At the same time, you will be able to engage the community and attract the attention of other subscribed users. To have more visibility and gain notoriety, you can for example:

  • Share on social networks your thoughts of the day in front of the morning coffee;
  • Expose your routine to a large number of active users;
  • Share the sports activities carried out during the day;
  • Share how you organize with active users of this famous social network;
  • Etc.

In general, you want to post relevant content that will make people feel like you're behind the scenes in your daily life. This is one of the great content ideas to share on social media. To be famous and increase your credibility on this social media, the ideal would be to focus on the themes that have the most success on all social networks.

Also, it is important to note that this content idea requires little preparation and editing. You can perfectly realize your relevant contents in the form of vlogs or simply speak in front of your camera. To attract the attention of a large number of active users, the ideal would be to share of short duration to which you can add some personal touches. Specifically, you need to bring rhythm to your relevant content with audio clips. This is a practice of social networks generally used by influencers to transcribe their emotion. It is possible to use it to promote the notoriety of your account with a large number of social profiles.


Today, many influencers are teasing. This is a practice to keep the community going. With this content idea, you can increase your account audience and increase your engagement rate. Indeed, teasing helps to engage the community while sharpening its curiosity.

Sometimes you want to make an announcement to highlight a product or an upcoming project. At this level, you must imperatively seize this opportunity to set up relevant and original content. To achieve this, the ideal would be to create an announcement video and disclose the novelty in several small parts of it. To increase the suspense and dazzle millions of subscribed users, you can perfectly play with the previews and effects made available to you by the famous social network Tik Tok. By opting for this practice, you increase your chances of developing your visibility on social networks.

Opt for inspiring content

If you want to use inspiring content, it would be wise to share the values ​​dear to your hearts. In fact, inspiring and relevant content is designed to highlight the thoughts that characterize the influencer. More specifically, you can draw inspiration from other celebrities on the main social networks on the web to create unique content. This Tik Tok idea is particularly ideal for entrepreneurs and any other active user wishing to communicate around well-being and freestyle. You can use it to promote your brand and gain more visibility on this social media.

Besides, it is also recommended to have a gratitude journal on your social media accounts like Tik Tok. At this level, the ideal would be to regularly mention positive things that have happened to you in your life. Even if the events are small, it is recommended to share them since a large number of active users love uplifting stories. This is a tik tok idea allowing you to gain notoriety and increase the audience of your account.

Today, you should know that the hashtag #StoryTime of the social network Tik Tok has already counted more than 77 billion views. This is precisely what proves that relevant narrative content has been very successful on the platform. To achieve this, you can, for example, tell very interesting anecdotes or personal stories. By sharing this content on your social networks, you will be able to retain your community and gain followers. By taking inspiration from the teaser, you will be able to publish your stories on multiple videos. This is a good practice that allows you to retain your community as much as possible and also to gain notoriety.

To achieve this, you can position yourself in front of your camera to tell your story. During the video, it is possible to be performing an activity to draw the attention of users to your content. As mentioned above, videos of this size are particularly very simple to make. Likewise, they do not require extensive editing.

In addition, your social media presence will be a big hit with millions of visitors. However, you can brainstorm in order to unearth new ideas allowing you to increase the visibility of your account.

Share knowledge

Knowledge sharing is considered one of the best ways to support expertise with a large number of active users. Thanks to this practice, your followers will probably be delighted to learn new things by watching your relevant content. This is a good practice for developing your community. This will significantly increase the engagement rate of your account.

To achieve this, you must share knowledge by detailing information that is very useful to your followers. This idea is very famous and works well on the tik tok platform. However, it is important to fully master the field before you start. Indeed, content of this magnitude has the advantage of having good potential for virality. Subscribed users will be delighted to comment and share good tips with their loved ones. It also gives you the opportunity to interact with the community and effectively develop your e-reputation. To find other content ideas that can be very useful on this social media, you can think about the questions asked by the millions of user members.

In addition, influencers tend to share their areas of interest in order to develop their notoriety. You can opt for this practice in order to diversify your content. In this way, you will position yourself as a real influencer and be able to put in place quality recommendations. To achieve this, you must first start with the presentation of your discovery and clearly explain what you appreciated. This is obviously one of the good ways to open a dialogue with your community. This will significantly increase:

  • Your engagement rate;
  • Your global user numbers;
  • Your potential visibility;
  • Etc.

Make use of the question-answer function

At first glance, the question-answer feature offered by the social media Tik Tok just recently in 2021 was an incredible success. Indeed, it considerably strengthens the close link with the active users of this platform. By using the question-answer feature, you will be able to interact with the community. After activating it, it makes available to all active users present on your profile, the possibility of asking you questions directly. Any influencer opting for this practice will see the number of their followers increase considerably.

Likewise, the Q&A feature is considered one of the best ways to unearth new content ideas to post on your tik tok account. For example, you can engage the community by asking your followers to regularly ask you questions. In this way, you will then be able to respond by posting new videos. This is one of the reasons why the question and answer feature is considered an effective communication strategy to have a good relationship with a billion social media users. This practice will allow you to be famous and to be among the influencers and celebrities of the Tik Tok platform.

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